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Ways to uplift others part 2

I wrote part 1 on Monday with five ways to try to uplift others as well as yourself. Reading some of your posts definitely helps uplift me, and I hope in turn, some of mine do as well! Here’s part 2 with my last five tips.

Here are five easy ways to help uplift others, as well as yourself:

Be more understanding. Actively listen (I have a post coming up next week with tips to listen more actively). Some basic ways to do that are to ask questions to get further insight into the person you are talking to; try not to plan a reply as the other person is speaking; and answer without judgement of the other person, if you must answer. Or you can just lend an ear.

Be humble. It’s not just a catchy song (I linked to the clean version)! You can accomplish a lot without having to brag about every great thing you have achieved or received. You never know how much someone else is struggling and what it could do to their esteem. It’s important to recognize your accomplishments, especially to yourself, but there is a line between recognition and bragging. Think about your favourite leaders and how they treated others. My favourites often uplifted others and rarely said anything about themselves.

Share your knowledge. Have you read or learning anything interesting lately? Share it with others! You can share it with your friends and family, through social media or on your blog. I am excited when someone shares something new with me that can help me learn and grow.

Care. Treat people the way you want to be treated. Care for your loved ones as you in turn want to be cared. Be there for people when you can, reach out often to see if people are doing ok or drop off some homemade food to someone who needs it. There are so many options!

Spread positivity. I always have to add some positivity to a post when I can! Positivity is more than just being happy and optimistic all the time. That’s not realistic. Everyone has times when they need to work through things. What you can do is be there to listen, offer ways things can get better, compliment someone one something they do well. Like the caring point above, there are so many ways to help lift someone up and help them feel more optimistic. Positivity is contagious – so pass it on!

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