Many people are experiencing a lot of change and uncertainty right now. There are two ways to react to change. You can let it take control of you, or use change to help you get where you want to go.

Think about how you see change. Do you immediately feel overwhelmed by the situation, or see it as an opportunity? It may sound strange, but you increase your sense of control when you are open to change. Try to look at each change as an opportunity to gain new skills and knowledge.

Be proactive

Take the offense rather than the defense. Try taking calculated risks and then apply lessons learned from past experiences to similar challenges facing you.

Here are some suggestions that may help you improve your ability to be proactive:

Developing these characteristics further takes time and practice. Give yourself time.

Look on the bright side

Even though change can lead to many positive factors, a positive place is not always the first place your mind will go, especially depending on the type of change. Assuming the worst can filter your perception of any change.

Try to embrace change with optimism. Instead of focusing on the negative aspects, start making your plans around the positive aspects and, if there are negative aspects that need addressing immediately (e.g. job loss), plan to get towards the potential positive outcomes. For example:

Revise your thoughts about change

Look at your thoughts on change. It’s not necessarily the change itself that is stressful, but your view of it. Do you feel immediately overwhelmed by the situation or do you see it as an opportunity? The first step in managing the stress of change is to be aware of your perceptions.

Start by taking a look at how a change will have a positive impact on you. You may be surprised by the wonderful things that can come from dealing with the challenge of a situation you think is stressful.

You are important so take time for you

Stress is exhausting so try to remove some of the exhausting aspects of your life.

These are some of my tips to better manage change; what are some of yours? If you need some more tips to help manage through the pandemic and beyond, check out some of my other related posts.

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