It took me some time to think out what to write about what is happening with the protests over George Floyd’s death. The protests are much more than racism and more than police brutality. They are also about hundreds of years of systemic oppression that some will never understand. But then I scrapped my post because I am fresh off of two days of conversations about it that didn’t go well. I’m too rattled to write a coherent post right now. The working title of the post was “Shut up Meg. You don’t matter” which comes from a Family Guy-Simpsons crossover episode and it’s how I feel right now. Therefore, instead I am writing some tips to help manage anger or pain. These can help you calm down when you’re feeling upset or someone or some people have tried to minimize your point of view.

Here are some ways

These are just some tips to help, do you have any others? If you need some more positivity tips, I have written some others. I’m clearly going to re-read a few today!

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  1. I can’t imagine what it is like to have to have the discussions with people that can’t or refuse to try to learn to understand. Thanks for sharing Sam

  2. Well said. Thanks for your story and tips. There is a point in time I’m sure many have felt what it is like for someone or people to dismiss their words. It is not a good feeling

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