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Ten stress reduction tips

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Last week seemed like a super long week, with a lot of work, and this week is shaping  up to be the same. But as Mark Black’s quote says, “Sometimes the most productive thing to do is relax”. So, here are some tips I use to get rid of stress that might work for you too.

1.Believe in your ability to cope

Embrace your strengths. Remind yourself that you can influence the outcome of events in your life. Create action plans to address problems that come up at work and home.

2.Learn to relax


Try deep breathing, visualization and meditation. A hot bath, a walk, yoga or other stretching exercises are great ways to relieve stress.

3.Try to manage your guilt

Feeling guilty drains your energy and motivation, so be realistic about your expectations of yourself at home and work or school. It’s not possible to be a perfect family member, partner, spouse, parent, friend or employee.

4.Talk to someone

Talking about your problems can help you blow off steam and can give you some ideas you need to solve problems more easily.

5.Have fun

park walking

Nothing relieves stress more than doing something that makes you happy. Learn to do something you’ve never done before or used to love to do. Learn to play an instrument, ride a bike, join a cooking or art class. The options are endless.

6.Establish a regular exercise routine

Stress produces chemicals that make you feel tense. Exercise helps move them through your body. Try to get at least 20 minutes of exercise three times a week. Choose something fun that you’ll enjoy and continue doing.

7.Eat a balanced diet

Peppers stuffed with quinoa

Make sure you’re getting enough of the four food groups every day. Make sure you’re eating enough carbs and protein and include lots of fruits and vegetables.  Make sure you’re getting enough calcium and iron. Use fats, oils, and sweets sparingly.

8.Get plenty of rest

Most people need seven or eight hours of sleep a night to feel renewed and refreshed. Some tips if you have trouble sleeping, include:

  • Increase the amount you exercise.
  • Take a warm shower, meditate, visualize or do light yoga before bed.
  • Resist your computer or TV before going to bed; it will keep your mind active.

9.Improve your communication skills

Learn to ask for help when you need it. Resolve misunderstandings before they become a problem by talking things over with that person.

10.Learn to accept and adapt to change

Change is an unavoidable fact of life. Major work and life changes are common. Whether or not you want these changes, they can be extremely stressful – unless you learn to adjust to them. Take time to recover, refocus and re-energize during any major change such as promotion, relocation, parenthood, divorce, or health change.


  1. So true! Can relate with every tip especially number 6! A little bit of exercise can reduce a lot of toxins! Which one is you to-go tip to relax?


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