Powerfully healthy mixed berry smoothie bowl

Mixed berry smoothie bowl

A balanced, healthy breakfast can keep your energy up throughout the day and also help boost your health if you eat the right things. My mixed berry smoothie bowl recipe has nutrients to help improve immunity, metabolism, heart health and digestion. It also has anti-aging properties. A quick back story If you’ve followed me for […]

Meatless, gluten-free cabbage rolls

Cabbage Rolls

Happy Good Friday and Easter weekend if you’re celebrating! It may not quite feel like it this year. I’ve never had Easter without my family, but even though we won’t be in the same room, we will still be together virtually.  What to eat this weekend? If I’m cooking, one of my favorite dishes always […]

The basics for a proper diet

Part two in a series for nutrition 101 and for a proper diet. Part one was Eat your way to a faster metabolism