Staycation Niagara on the Lake

Staycation during a pandemic

Staycation Niagara on the Lake

Staycation during a pandemic

Today’s post I originally wrote for Style Adventure Magazine, but thought it was valuable to share here too! I’m not going to lie, after ninety days, lock down is making me want to go somewhere. I’m writing this as I just found out that the City of Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area are part of a select few regions in Ontario Canada that are not moving into stage two of reopening. I understand it as Toronto is seeing the bulk of cases in the country, even though it is considerably lower than many other places globally. On the other hand, I feel pangs of jealousy for the surrounding cities opening up into the next stage. A staycation is one way to change your everyday routine.

So, basically, I am writing this article for everyone else that can do some things around their city. I will put these tips into practice as soon as I can!

Can a staycation satisfy your need to getaway? Maybe not as much as a destination trip would, but, depending on where you live, travel abroad may not happen for some time. A staycation can do the job in a pinch. While it might not seem like a vacation when you’re in your hometown; it’s easy to make it feel like you’re away. If you live in a smaller place, it’s harder, especially if you can run into anyone at any given moment, but it still may be manageable.

Some Tips

Treat it like a destination trip

  • Let everyone know that you want to be left alone like you’re on a regular vacation. You don’t want to be called in for something at work if you’re currently working. Or to run errands that may pop up. The key is to pretend that you’re away.
  • Tour your hometown like you’re somewhere else. Again, this is dependent on how much is open, but if parks are open, restaurants, drive-in movies, you have some options! See whatever sites are available at the time you do it. Take lots of photos, dress like you’re away and try things you’ve never done before, or haven’t done in a long time. If you risk others seeing you and you don’t want to see anyone, do it during off-hours!
staycation - Distillery District

Don’t make it feel like home

  • I would usually recommend staying somewhere else other than your home, even if it’s for just one night. But those options aren’t available or very limited and can be costly right now. Also, as a germaphobe, it would be hard for me to trust some paces right now! Instead, try rearranging your space so that it feels like you’re somewhere else. Who knows, you may end up liking what you’ve done and keep it for a while!
  • I am not a fan of making any food when I’m away because it feels too much like being home. If you’re like me, order in food or if restaurants are open, go to some. It helps make it feel like you’re away while supporting local businesses that have been struggling. If you don’t mind cooking while away, then it’s even easier! You can plan and make your meals as you would when you’re away. 

It may not feel like a getaway depending on how many imitations you have where you live. But, I think a little break if you need it can still give you a fun experience. I plan on doing it once we have opened up some more. 

For some more travel tips that work at home, check out my other articles there or on this blog.



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