Posture and Back Workout

Posture and back workout

Here’s a posture and back workout from my sister’s archives. I’ve been doing this routine recently to combat the slouching that’s coming from my couch potatoness (I believe this to be a word!). The position I get comfortable in when I’m watching a movie or relaxing is not the best for my posture. So, I’m using this to balance it out.


I have my fitness certification but am not a personal trainer or expert. If you have any specific concerns or areas you want to improve, try online consulting with your doctor or a personal trainer.   

I talked about the importance of back strength in my post last week. Posture is also key to help reduce injuries caused by improper form when you are working out. 

For this program, all you need is a mat or towel.

This workout routine can improve your posture and back strength if you do it regularly. At minimum, the movement will get you off of your couch and out of your couch potatoness! It’s working for me!


There are components for increasing difficulty if you find the sequence easy or if it starts getting easier as you do it. For example, use ankle or wrist weights, or resistance bands. 

I will post her posture and back strengthening workout next. Here’s a link to a post I wrote with some other awesome routines you can do at home.

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Stay safe and well everyone. I hope you have a positive week ahead. 

If you’re struggling to cope during this time, please talk to your doctor or a professional counselor. Many countries are offering free counselling services during the quarantine. 


  1. we could all learn from this. I think as a society we sit to much, and endless scrolling on our smartphones does nothing for our posture. Great reminder. Thanks.

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