Jeans rolled to save space - packing hack

Packing hacks that work at home

For the second part of the travel tips you can use at home series, it’s a short post about packing tips that work in small spaces.

Pack the minimal number of items you need for your trip to reduce the amount of suitcases you carry. You will thank me one day.

Put a dryer sheet or a ball of foil in your suitcase. It will reduce static and keep your clothes fresh. You can do this in your drawers too to help get rid of static.

Use tissue paper to minimize the amount of wrinkling in clothes. Wrap your clothes individually in a sheet.

Put your socks in your shoes to free up space, and your pairs of shoes in reusable bags to protect other things in your suitcase, or closet at home depending on its size. Bags also protect them from scuffing and take up less room than boxes. Amazon has some options.

Save space by rolling clothes instead of folding, except for items that it’s better to fold like formal clothes.

Use belts to line the collars of your shirts (that have them) to reduce the need for ironing.

If you have extra eye or sunglass cases, they are perfect for packing or storing your chargers and cables.

Use the spring from a pen to protect your chargers from bending or breaking.

These are some of my packing hacks to save space. Do you have any others?

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  1. These are totally going to be helpful! I never heard that ball of foil but I might try it and we’ll see. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Great tips! The ball of foil…never heard of that before…am going to try it!

  3. I like the belt in the collar idea. I have to try it

  4. These are great! I I roll my clothes but I like the idea of the belt in the collar. I have to try it!

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