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Nutrition tips – get back on track after a slip up

The pandemic is a time that can test even those with strong nutrition willpower. There are also many other reasons people may reach for food at any time of the year. Sometimes some nutrition tips and reminders can help. I consider myself to have moderate willpower when it comes to food. But when I go to town, I go to town! I don’t think I’m alone in this; it happens to many people at some point. You set up healthy food goals, and something comes up that sabotages them. I hope some of the nutrition tips in this post are helpful.

Anyone who tries to eat a healthy diet on a regular basis experiences the frustration of trying to maintain it when ordering in food or for other reasons.

Regardless of why you backslid, instead of getting upset about it, first figure out why it happened and then quickly get yourself back on track.

Some of the common reasons include:

  • Lack of motivation
  • Lack of confidence
  • Discouragement with slow progress
  • Problems with family or friends
  • Boredom
  • Impulse eating

My two issues used to be social commitments and impulse eating. If something is there, I will eat it, even if I shouldn’t. I’m lactose intolerant, but if I see chocolate around me, I’ll eat it – all of it! I’m fortunate not to experience either often in the past ten months. Social commitments aren’t allowed right now, and I don’t buy tempting items when I shop.

Healthy food options

Some nutrition tips to beat backsliding

Once you figured out why it happened, try to find out how to overcome it. What caused you to backslide? For example, if boredom caused you to backslide, find something to do to overcome it, such as taking a walk or reading. When it’s the result of thought patterns, it helps if you recognize those thoughts, shut them down when they begin, and then focus on the benefits of staying on track.

Remember why you started your journey. Work through and resolve any negative feelings that begin to become self-fulfilling prophecies. Remind yourself that even the strongest individuals can relapse.

Remove yourself from distractions. If you can, limit your interactions with people and places that enable you to go off course. It may be hard when it’s the people close to you that try to minimize your successes. But, it’s worth it for your journey to try.

Get back to your plans. You started this journey for a reason, so get back to it as soon as possible. For example, if you consume too much or not enough food at dinner one day, return to healthy eating the next day.

Pick healthier options. If you’re ordering takeout or delivery, look for the healthier options to eat when they’re available.

Control your portions. When you’re eating food someone else prepared, eat more of what is good for you and watch your portions of the unhealthier options. Fill up on the healthy stuff!

Record your food. Even though it can get tiresome, it will help keep you accountable. You don’t have to get down to in-depth details, but taking a couple of minutes to make your list can help you stay on a healthier course. Health apps on your phone or can help.

Take cues from your stomach. Your stomach knows when you’re full. If you’ve eaten your regular portion but still feel like eating, wait 20 minutes and see if you’re still hungry. If you are, then eat, if you’re not, don’t overindulge because the food is there.

Connect with supportive friends or family members. These are people that want you to succeed and can give positive feedback to help you push through, especially when you feel like you’re about to relapse.

Reward yourself. Give yourself encouraging feedback for your successes, especially when you initially restart. It can help you stay motivated.

Everyone backslides sometimes, so don’t give up! Treat it as an opportunity to learn and push through.

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  1. Very nice tips! It can be quite hard to get back on track after starting eating junk foods. They are disastrously addictive!

    1. Author

      Thanks so much! It is for me too! I have to try to avoid them at all costs! I saw photos of donuts yesterday and almost wanted to buy them!!

    1. Author

      Thank you1

    1. Author

      Thanks so much!

  2. A really good post! Of course, you photo of the potato chips made me want some! It’s my cheat food for which I have no “stop” button!

    1. Author

      I have no stop button with chips either! I can’t buy them at all or a giant bag is gone in one day haha!

      1. I love chocolate, but I can eat a little square and be happy. Same with lots of things. But from the second I open the bag and smell the crispy magic of salt, carb, and fat, I’m lost. Only single serving bags for me too!

      2. Author

        I wish I had that control with chocolate! It would save me from myself!

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