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My New Fave At-Home Workouts

I had written a post at the beginning of the pandemic about at-home workouts. Some cities have opened up gyms but mine has not yet. However, even once gyms open up, I’m not sure how quickly I will jump into it. For the first time ever, I’m actually enjoying working out at home. I’m consistently working out again and if anything, I want to add some outdoor routines rather than go to a gym. When it cools down again I will probably head back into the gym.

If your city hasn’t opened up gyms yet, or if gyms don’t appeal to you and you still want to work out, here are three I really enjoy. They’re half an hour each. As I have gotten better at them, I double up and will do two in one day to get an hour workout.

These workouts only need a mat or towel

Each routine works multiple parts of fitness, incorporating three or more of strength, stretching, flexibility and cardio. Stretching is a part of all of them.

All workouts are from POPSUGAR Fitness’s YouTube channel. To note, this is not an endorsement post. It may seem like one since it all comes from the same channel. I truly just happen to love these routines and do each one at least three times a week!

 High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

popsugar fitness HIIT routine

HIIT is an awesome total body workout, especially if you’re short on time. This routine from Rainer Pollard is 30-minutes. He offers modifications for beginners for each component.

I have been doing it since it came out on POPSUGAR three weeks ago. I find him funny, so the giggles help when my quads or shoulders are starting to give out on me! His fitness brand is Fit and Funny, and I can see why!

Belly Dancing

popsugar fitness belly dancing

This 30-minute routine from Leilah Isaac is the first POPSUGAR routine I tried. I find belly dancing a fun way to work out! I used to take in-person classes when I was in university.  She offers modifications for each move, especially for beginners. She’s a professional belly dancer and very engaging throughout the routine, which helps with the fun factor!

The routine focuses on core, cardio and lower body.

Fusion Pilates/Ballet Barre

popsugar fitness Selena Gomez workout

The 30-Minute Selena Gomez Workout For Flat Abs and Toned Legs. I found this routine from Selena Gomez’ trainer, Amy Rosoff Davis, three weeks ago and it is tough in spots! It’s more than just legs and abs. She adds arm components (including arm dancing) and it is helping me regain better balance. Modifications are offered, which I am still on for parts of it! I have the ballet barre stuff down, but I need more arm work. I just started incorporating more back into my weekly routine.  

If you end up trying and liking any of them, let me know!


  1. I was waiting for such blog for so long. it’s heartening that somebody has written about it. With the lockdown still ongoing the Gymnasiums are closed so I am missing my Gym and my favorite Gym trainer. But still through your blog I got to know about the workout exercises that one should perform regularly to make up for the gym while being locked up or quarantined at home.

  2. Great that you found your motivation again Samantha! That’s good to hear

    1. Author

      Oh I never heard of body combat! I will look that up. Thanks Susie! I’ll try it out.

      1. Author

        Thanks! I am looking for something like that. I will check it out to add my my workouts!

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