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Our mental health resources and recommended  sustainable living resources

Here are some of our mental health resources and recommended sustainable living resources.

Mental health resources

If you have depression, anxiety or seasonal affective disorder, these downloadable resources may offer you some helpful information and tips about questions to ask your doctor and self-care tips.

Anxiety resource

Depression resource

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

Mental Health Resources


These tips and the booklets are just a guide for mental health support. They are not intended to give medical advice. I have my degree in psychology but am not a practicing psychologist. If you are experiencing depression or anxiety attacks during this time, please see your counselor, psychologist, psychiatrist or doctor.

It is extremely important for you to contact a professional if you are experiencing the symptoms in any of these booklets. John Hopkins Medical Center has many resources for self-support. If you’re looking for ways to reduce stress, we have some tips as well.

Recommended sustainable living resources

Here are some of our recommended sustainable living resources for home, fashion and food.

At home

The David Suzuki Foundation
Founded in 1990, the Canadian-based David Suzuki Foundation offers a variety of evidence-backed tips and tools to help you make your home and your life more sustainable.


Council of Fashion Designers of America
The Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) offers sustainability resources for anyone in fashion, anyone trying to start a sustainable brand or looking to shop sustainable fashion.


Harvard University Sustainability
Harvard University’s tips and recommendations can help you make more sustainable food choices. They offer suggestions for cooking meals at home, shopping and for delivery or takeout.

Check out The Style Escape, for some additional ways to live more sustainably.

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