Keeping active during the pandemic with yoga

Keeping active during the pandemic

Part three in my series about healthy and positive ways to manage Covid-19 is about keeping active during the pandemic. Self-motivation is sometimes tough when it comes to fitness, well for me, but gyms are closed. I also have quarantined myself since I caught a cold (waiting to find out if that’s all is) from the lady that coughed in my face that I mentioned in the first post in this series.

Workouts you can do at home

Fitness motivation get into a groove yoga stretch after workout

You don’t need much (or any) equipment or a lot of space to do the exercises below. I included total body workouts that incorporate strength, stretching, flexibility and cardio. They are fantastic ways to keep yourself in top condition while you can’t go to a gym or your regular classes. You can incorporate the ones you end up enjoying in your usual routine if you don’t already. 

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

Equipment: None (for routine number one) and a box and a chair (for routine number two)

HIIT is terrific if you’re short on time and want to get in a total body workout. Routines are typically 30-minutes or less. 

Routine number one

Self magazine has a 30-minute cardio and weight-loss routine for beginners that is easy to follow. It demonstrates how to perform each move.

Routine number two

Livestrong has a weight-loss and cardio endurance building HIIT routine that is 15-30 minutes. The duration depends on the rest periods you take in-between intervals.


Equipment: Mat or towel

Yoga is also beneficial because it relaxes you and focuses on being mindful of how your body and mind work together. 

Power yoga is a combination of a strength-training workout and slow, mindful yoga. It is a total body workout that can help you stretch and strengthen from head to toe. Try this 20-minute routine from Self magazine. 


Equipment: Mat or towel

I love Pilates. I think the strongest I’ve ever been was when I did Pilates six days a week. It is incredible for strength, flexibility and stretching.

My Fitness Pal has a 20-minute routine that works for all levels.

Ballet Barre 

Keeping active during the pandemic with ballet barre

Equipment: Your core body strength or support yourself with a chair or counter top (ballet shoes are optional!)

If you’ve followed me for a while, you know how I feel about ballet. It is the greatest total body workout of all time. I stand behind my statement! 

Ballet barre improves posture, flexibility, strength, cardio and core. The good news is you can do it at home! It took me a while to find an online workout I was satisfied with, but I finally found one!

Very Well Fit has Alvin Ailey’s barre workout modified for home.

I wrote more about total body workouts in an older post.

Active living ideas

Keeping active during the pandemic with plants

Keeping up your fitness doesn’t have to solely include workouts. I talk about living actively often. Here are some ways to keep active and moving outside of working out.

  • If you live in a house: Shovel your driveway, mow your lawn or rake leaves (depending on the weather where you live).
  • If you live in an apartment or condo: Take the stairs instead of the elevator.
  • Hand-wash your car if you have one.
  • Use downtime as active time. Stretch or do simple exercises while you’re watching TV or a movie.
  • Clean. You are always moving and working different parts of your body when you vacuum, dust, do laundry or wash the dishes.
  • Plant a vegetable or herb garden in your backyard or on your balcony (if you’re allowed). If you have neither, herb gardens can also be grown indoors by the window.

Learn more of my active living tips from an older post.


  1. I agree with you that keeping active during the pandemic is a great way to fight and overcome it.
    Lockdowns have a very negative impact on personal fitness levels and make people easily put on weight.
    I remembered that I had an aerobic stepper that I hadn’t used for a long time, and I decided to use it again. So I do about 20 minutes of stepping every day.
    On top of that, I try to do some bear crawl sets in the limited area of my room, just to keep active.

  2. Thank you Sam for providing valuable workout resources. Stay safe and take care of your health.

  3. I might try one of these. I just started putting together my routine for home. Be safe

  4. Thanks for sharing! The HIIT routine looks good. I’ve checked around for a couple. This one looks good to try

  5. I love yoga and have started doing it at home. haven’t tried ballet. Thanks for sharing!

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