Strengthen your core with this quick routine

plank for core strengthening

I haven’t posted a workout in a while. Here is another core strengthening routine from my sister’s archive workouts. This workout routine I started doing a few days during the week, and I will reiterate that I’m more out of shape than I thought! It hurt! But, I’m going to attempt it again twice this […]

Posture and back workout

Posture and Back Workout

Combat slouching and poor posture that comes from couch potatoness with this effective posture and back workout!

Keeping active during the pandemic

Keeping active during the pandemic with yoga

Part three in my series about healthy and positive ways to manage Covid-19 is about keeping active during the pandemic. Self-motivation is sometimes tough when it comes to fitness, well for me, but gyms are closed. I also have quarantined myself since I caught a cold (waiting to find out if that’s all is) from […]