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Fall Winter Edition of my Magazine Has Arrived!

The new edition of my magazine Style Adventure is out. Since we’re in Wave two of the pandemic, I decided to write about tips that you can do at home. Here’s the cover story and a link to the downloadable issue.

Staycation’s all I ever wanted

Our thoughts are with everyone who have been impacted by Covid19 and lost loved ones, jobs, homes or businesses.

We are definitely in unprecedented times. When we wrote the Spring/Summer edition, we thought it would be a one-off about thigs to do at home. We hoped we would have had enhanced processes in place to manage the second wave of Covid19 that governments were predicting. Where I live, we are in the second wave.

Numbers are increasing, and there are not enough places to handle the influx of tests that are required. So, now we’re back to square one; where people that don’t exhibit symptoms are asked not to get tested. We made it to phase 3 and have scaled back to phase 2 with recommendations for going back to Phase 1 as of this publication date.

This was a long-winded way of saying that we’re doing another hopefully time appropriate edition.

DIY Gift Ideas at home spa

While fashion is an important way to escape, there are also many other ways to ensure you’re mentally and physically well during Covid19.

Traditionally so many people travel during the winter, we devoted this edition to having a staycation and treating yourself well while doing it. Even if you only have a couple days to do it, funds are limited and/, or there aren’t a lot of things open, it’s essential to your health to take a break.

Hopefully, one or more of the ideas in the articles can work for you to help you take a time out.

In this edition, we cover planning your staycation, things to do before you “go away”, things to do while you are on your break and takeaways that last forever. All of these tips can be used when and if you travel again and also at home, every day!

In addition to our own images, we used and tagged customer photos from Instagram in this issue. Check out their profile pages!

Here are five self-care tips to help boost your immunity and mood.

  1. Sleep at least 7-9 hours a day
  2. Work out: The endorphins released can help
  3. Eat foods high in antioxidants such as leafy vegetables and fruit
  4. Have some fun like dancing, playing games or anything that makes you happy
  5. Walk: Helps relieve stress and is a good way to keep active

We hope you enjoy the edition! Stay safe and well.

Download the Fall Winter edition today!

In this issue:
Cover Story
Staycation during the pandemic
Make your staycation run smoother
The maxi: The ultimate travel partner
Tips to take awesome photos:
Space savers for packing and home
Fitness tips for your staycation
Eat healthily and for less on vacation
Unwind with an at-home spa day
Travel can help you be your best self – So can a staycation
Some quick staycation hacks


  1. Thank you for these tips and congrats on the magazine! It’s great

  2. Thank you for the five tips/suggestions for making the most of our “Staycations.” I will try practicing all five each day this week and see if it helps my mood. Should – – – yes, it should! <3

    1. Author

      Thanks so much Jan! Let me know if any work! I’m practicing this week again too 🙂

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