I’m posting an article from my magazine, Style Adventure Magazine, with a link to the new YouTube channel and a facial yoga exercise to keep your skin toned while you’re home. If you’re interested, I’m focusing on skincare, hair care and other tips you can do for little to no cost while under quarantine in the magazine.

We are focusing on articles that provide you with tips you can do at home to keep healthy while under quarantine, rather than fashion posts. To support that, we just launched a new YouTube channel! We felt some of the at-home skincare tips we offer are better explained in a video that you can follow along with instead of just text. The first video we posted is for facial yoga. It’s a no-cost solution to help sagging skin.

Replace some of the products you buy with this facial routine you can do at home for free!

A Quick Backstory 

My mom used to do these weird (to me) facial stretches every weekend when I was a kid. It looked so strange that I couldn’t understand why she did it. Then I learned why! It helps tone the skin so that it sags less when you get older.

My mom looks fantastic today, and I wish I started doing this when I was slightly younger, but I didn’t. However, I always subscribe to “you’re never too old to try something new”, so here we are! 

What Facial Yoga Does 

Facial yoga can help keep your skin look more youthful by toning and firming your skin muscles. It works just the same as yoga does for your body. 

Placing your fingers on specific areas of your face while stretching other parts helps to improve the elasticity of your muscles. After some time, you will start to notice your skin looking less saggy.  

Depending on your age, genetics and skin texture, it will take different lengths of time to see improvements. But after three weeks, you should start seeing some.

I recommend doing it daily or three days a week at minimum. 

A Short Routine

Do you have an extra 3.30 minutes to keep your skin looking more toned? Check out our YouTube video below for our quick routine. If you have areas that you want to focus on more, for example, your jawline, do the chin and jaw exercises for longer than shown in the video.

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  1. There was a lady on HSN that had a video on weird Yoga poses ages ago. It’s amazing how what is old becomes new.

    1. You’re welcome! I’ve been doing it for awhile now and quite like it! This is a short version. There are some detailed ones out there on YouTube too. I just find I stick to doing things more if they don’t seem like they’re taking up too much time !!

    1. I’ve been using facial yoga for a while now and really like the results. There are a some more detailed routines on YouTube if you want a longer one; we just did a basic one (mostly because I’m lazy with the amount of time I will put into my skincare routine haha!).

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