dhal dal spicy lentil soup to boost metabolism

Eat your way to a faster metabolism!

If you’re looking for ways to improve your metabolism and energy, there are ways to do it naturally by changing what you eat, and how you eat. By eating metabolism boosting foods and following these tips, you may find that you’ll sleep better, have more energy, feel firmer, and notice changes to your body.

1.Eat enough

Eating too little calories actually lowers your metabolism. If you eat less than you need for basic biological functioning, which according to the Mayo Clinic is about 1,200 calories for most women and 1,400 for most men, your body slows down your metabolism. To give your body energy, the muscle tissue that burns calories will also break down.

If you’re looking to maintain your weight, averages for women run from about 1,600 to 2,400 calories a day, and for men 2,000 to 3,000. Of course, your age, genetics, and activity levels are just some of the factors that play into this.

Eat smaller meals, about five to seven a day to keep your metabolism going.

2.Drink water of course!

Drinking a minimum of 6-8 cups of cold water a day can boost your resting metabolism by about 50 calories a day.

3.Don’t skip breakfast

Apple smoothie with cinnamon

Eating breakfast kick starts your metabolism and keeps your energy up all day. If time is a factor, instead of skipping it, grab something quick with protein (which should be included in every meal, but more on that next) like a smoothie.

4.Always include protein 

You need protein to maintain lean muscle. Add a serving, like lean meat or plant-based protein or two tablespoons of nuts or seeds to every meal and snack. Studies have shown that protein can improve your calorie burn after eating up to 35%.

5.Fiber is your friend


Research shows that fiber can help you burn fat, and some by as much as 30%. You want to aim for a minimum of 25g a day, which is roughly six servings fruits and vegetables. Lentils and beans are also good sources.

Be careful not to go overboard with it, because too much fiber can constipate you. If you are increasing your fiber, drink plenty of water, and if you’re looking to get more than 25-30g, check with a dietitian what amount is right for you.

Here’s my recipe for dhal (dal or spicy lentil soup). It’s high on fiber, low on calories and a good source of plant-based protein.

6.Eat iron


Iron carries the oxygen your muscles need to burn fat. Spinach, lean meat, beans, shellfish and fortified cereals are amazing sources.

7.Don’t forget your Vitamin D

Receptors in your brain need Vitamin D to keep cravings lower and help you better absorb other nutrients that help your metabolism. Some great sources include salmon, tuna, eggs, mushrooms and tofu.



Caffeine is a central nervous system stimulant, so it can speed up your metabolism approximately 6% a day. There are obvious downsides with caffeine, such as affecting sleep or for some people their mood, so use this tip sparingly, or limit yourself to one cup of caffeine in the morning.

These are some ways you can improve your metabolism with food. Exercise is equally as important.


  1. This is great! Thanks for your tips. A lot of these I eat already but will try to add some more, especially now that I know that they can do!

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