Stress may cause you to eat more or less than is healthy. If you have an eating disorder such as anorexia, bulimia and binge eating, stress can trigger a relapse. Over time, I have learned not to negatively change my eating habits, at any time. Here are some of my tips to help you conquer bad eating habits when you’re stressed.

Why stress causes you to eat too little

There is a strong correlation between stress and the digestive system. In highly stressful times, your hormones tell your stomach to either shut down or speed up so that the body responds to a threat (stress). It’s the reason you may lose your appetite or get nauseous when you are in a very tense situation. High stress levels can trigger a constant level of anxiety in which you truly can’t get food down. When you have too many competing stressful factors, you may not even feel hungry because your mind is distracted.

If you’re eating too little because of your stress

Why stress causes you to eat too much

The milder anxiety of less extreme stress may cause you to eat in excess for distraction, comfort or to release your tension. When you’re under stress, you’re more likely to eat too rapidly, reach for higher-calorie foods or whatever you have around, and to eat more often. Excessive eating can trigger unwanted weight gain, leading you to eat even more for additional comfort, or not enough to make up for the increase. Either option perpetuates the unhealthy eating cycle started by your stress.

If you’re eating too much because of your stress

chickpea salad - conquer bad eating habits when stressed

What you can do to manage your stress

Deep Breathing

If your weight or the way you eat has changed as a result of stress, your health is most likely being affected in other ways as well. See if there is anything you can change to make your life less stressful. Here are some ways you can moderate your stress.

Talk to a registered dietitian or nutritionist if you’re eating too little or too much. If you’re having trouble managing your stress, speak to a healthcare professional.

Learn some more ways to relieve stress in some of my other posts.

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  1. Very well written, Samantha. Stress-eating is a real problem which we do not realise in early days. Thank you for sharing this wonderful post. Hope you are having a fantastic week! 🙂

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