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Art of Being Fabulous offers tips for people to create, grow and maintain a positive self-image, and to meet their health, wellness and personal goals. Self-doubt and a lack of self-worth affect many people. It happens regardless of age, race, religion, gender, or socio-economic status; whether it happens once or daily.

We promote a natural way to achieve your goals. Our focus is on a positive mindset, self-improvement, fitness, nutrition, wellness and fulfillment.

Samantha Wharton started the blog to show her niece that there was more to life than just being like celebrities. It’s important to forge her own path when she grows up. Contact us if you have any story ideas!

About Samantha Wharton

Samantha admittedly works too much. When she has downtime, she hangs out with friends and family, teaches her niece how to do the robot and pretends to be a chef.

Favourite quote: I am just too much. Bette Davis

I’m not embarrassed to admit loving: Murder She Wrote, Futurama, Scooby Doo, video games, animal print, sarcasm, anything sparkly, and the movies The Other Guys, Balls of Fury and Dodgeball

If I could meet one person: Judy Blume, she inspired me to write and I was the head of the Toronto chapter of her fan club.

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About our mascot

Scooby Doo brings good luck and joy to Samantha, so he’s rightly earned his spot as the mascot. Contact us if you have any story ideas you would like us to cover.