giving back clothing for random acts of kindness

Giving back for Random Acts of Kindness

Today is “giving back” day for me for random acts of kindness.

There are many ways to give back by getting involved in community or charity work. You can do it either through giving personal time, fundraising, donating, organizing events. The list is endless. I have specific charities and organizations I support.

I’m donating clothes today. I just moved and as I went through my closet, I found – let me say – way too many things to donate (some new) . I’m giving them to an organization that provides professional clothing and accessories to women looking for work. Dress for Success is a global organization with local chapters that I go through.

Have a beautiful day! If you decide to do a #randomactsofkindness of your own, whatever you choose to do, I hope it puts a smile on their face!


  1. So much great!

  2. Great organization to donate clothing to, I’ve done it a few times too

  3. Noble deed and a great idea to inculcate the concept of helping others in kids.i will fix a date and tell kids fo do something good every month on that day.thanks for sharing

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