Fairy tales and puppy dog tales

Happy loving family

I rarely write short and sweet posts, but today is one of those days! I’m not sure why I included puppy dog tails in my title, but it must be something from childhood that popped into my head. Note that I haven’t had my coffee yet today so I may veer off topic once in a while.

Two people inspired today’s post. One is my niece who asked this week if I could organize some time to play dress up with her, and the other was from a post on Instagram from one of my friends who asked if you’re ever too old for fairy tales. We both feel the answer is no!

So, in the spirit of fairy tales and puppy dog tails, today I’m going to take some time out to relax and do some visualization (I wrote some tips about how to do it previously). Or who am I fooling, I’m most likely going to play dress up! It’s been extremely busy the last month, and it’s important to kick off your shoes and have fun some times.

Have a beautiful day. I hope you find your fairy tales and puppy dog tales today!


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