Easy ways to reduce stress or headaches

Five plus one bonus way to reduce stress or headaches caused by tension.

Yoga pose

Do you have a headache or neck pain? Sometimes it’s from stress, sometimes it’s from the way you slept, or another reason. These simple stretches can help get rid of the tightness to reduce some of the pain you’re feeling.  You can do these stretches wherever you are and they only take a few minutes to complete.

Neck roll

You can do these seated on the edge of a chair, or standing.

  • Slowly stretch your head down so that your right ear is touching your right shoulder. Make sure you keep your left shoulder down.
  • Roll your head down towards your chest until your chin is touching your chest. Continue to roll your head onto your left side.
  • Continue to do these rolls slowly from side to side. Try to start with eight and increase to 16 if you have the time.

Shoulder roll

You can do these seated on the edge of a chair, or standing.

  • Lift your right shoulder up towards your ear and then roll your shoulder front to back in a big circle. Repeat this motion four to eight times. Next, roll the same shoulder from the back to the front and repeat four to eight times.
  • Repeat the shoulder rolls with your left shoulder.

Overhead stretch


You can do these seated on the edge of a chair, or standing.

  • With one hand, reach straight up as high as you can. Hold this position for three-five seconds.
  • Repeat the stretch, moving from one arm to the other, at least five-to-eight times on each side.

Standing body roll

You should do this from a standing position.

  • Let your head roll forward until your chin is touching on your chest.
  • Keep rolling down and start to bend your knees as you roll.
  • When your hands are hanging near your knees, rest there for a few seconds and slowly roll back up.
  • Repeat this movement five to 10 times, depending on how much time you have.

If you have a little extra time – try this quick massage


You can do this seated on the edge of a chair, or standing.

  • Use your right hand to work on your left shoulder and left hand to work on your right shoulder.
  • Begin with your shoulder blade and slowly move your fingers gently but firmly up towards your neck and head, including your scalp.

You can repeat any or all of these stretches and the massage frequently throughout the day, if necessary. They can help you feel better and prevent tension from building up.



  1. Thanks SAMANTHA WHARTON for the Very informative article. Moreover, Deep-tissue massage is ideal for releasing chronic tension and may also help improve your range of motion.

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