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Reach out – it might make someone’s day

Reach out to someone you haven't connected with in a while. It might make their day!

_Reach out

It’s a short but sweet post today. I’ve been swamped lately. I just opened a new online clothing store with my friend (sorry for being kind of missing in action), and it took up 90% of my time. So, I thought it was appropriate to write a quick post about reaching out to people you haven’t connected with in a while.

This morning, I reached out to someone I lost touch with a few years ago to tell her I missed her. I hope it will put a smile on her face even if she doesn’t respond. I have to thank social media for making it easier to reconnect with people, no matter where in the world they moved.

It isn’t great when you lose touch with people because it’s so easy to text “Hi, how’s it going?” once in a while. But it does happen; people move away, lifestyles change, or with some people, it happens organically. It happened to me and my great friend G. She reminded me of it the other day. We had both moved far away and a few years went by. One day out of the blue I looked her up and left her a message to see if she remembered me. G said she was so happy that she burst into tears when she heard my voice. We’ll never let that amount of time go by again.

I’ll always remember the happiness G said she felt when she heard my voice. Now I know that it’s never too late to rekindle some friendships. It sparked me to contact my old friend this morning. As I mentioned, if nothing else happens, I hope it puts a smile on her face that someone wanted to reach out after time passed.



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