Some ways to look and feel your best

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In a couple of older posts, I’ve talked about growing up in an area where I didn’t look like anyone else, and 99% of people were from different parts of the world than my parents. I had to learn as a teenager to come to terms with the fact that I would never look like my friends or else it would have destroyed my self-esteem. It didn’t matter what anyone else told me; it had to come from me or else I would never be satisfied. So I did it, in time.

Natural things you can do to look and feel your best

Lemon and honey are great for your skin

You can become more confident with yourself and the way you look if you practice some key things. They work for me (well except for numbers four and five as I am still struggling with getting enough!)

1.Learn to accept yourself

Start telling yourself you’re good the way you are and don’t let anyone take that away from you. If people don’t accept you for who you are, find someone that does. It’s much better to be yourself around one person than be someone else for many people.

2.Spend time with people that make you feel good

I say this one often. You can’t like yourself if you’re surrounded by the ones that put you down. Sometimes it’s unavoidable, but you can spend other time with those that appreciate you. For example, what Stephanie’s comment did, was make me feel good. That was all it took. Find people like that to be in your life.

3.Develop a positive attitude

Your outlook on life can improve your overall health, affect your mood, and the way you look. Start by trying to focus on the positive things others say about you and life in general.

4.Get enough sleep

I talk about this all the time. Not getting enough sleep makes you feel and look tired. It also makes your skin look sallow and can give you circles under your eyes.

5.Drink enough water

You need about eight glasses per day. It helps flush toxins out of your body and skin.

6.Smile more

Blue Jays_11
I can smile even though the Blue Jays are terrible right now

A smile not only brightens up your face, but it also makes you feel better. Have you ever noticed that your mood improves if you’re smiling, or if someone smiles at you? If you’re having a bad day, try smiling at someone and see if they smile back. It can help you both feel better.

7.Watch your posture

Stand up straight with your head and chest held high. It can make you look more confident, and your body look it’s best. If you need to work on your posture, check out this video posted on the blog.

8.Workout regularly

Well, we all know that regular exercise changes the way our body looks. It also releases endorphins in your brain that can help improve your mood and blood circulation to make your skin glow and keep your hair and nails healthier.

9.Eat well

Eggplant and tomatoes
Tomatoes are good for your skin

Eating right will help you get a natural glow and make you feel better overall. I’m also talking about eating enough calories in a day. Not getting enough nutrients may get you to a weight goal, but it will impact your mood, energy, health and your skin (it can make your skin look sallow and sickly) and hair (it can become brittle, fall out and lose its natural shine). Eat lots of veggies, fruits, and the right amount of protein and carbs. Overeating is also something to pay attention to because other than weight, it will impact your sleep, mood, and health.

10.Develop a good skin care routine

Everyone is different. Some people need to wash their face once a day, or twice or whatever works for your skin. Don’t forget to exfoliate and use a mask on your skin once a week. Always use an SPF on your skin and lips before you go outside.

11.Take care of your hair

Shampoo, condition and use deep conditioning. Try not to wash it too frequently depending on your hair type. For natural ways to take care of your hair, read my post.

12.Dress to highlight your best feature(s).

We all have one or more things that we like, or someone else has told us they like about us. For example, if you like your arms wear shirts that show them off.

Men-specific tip

I have a big tip for men because through the years and with everyone I know in my life, I only know four that will religiously moisturize and wash their face properly (and I have a huge family!). Please read the skin care routine section above if you skipped it! Also grooming your hair (including on your face) is key. Even if you’re going for the undone look, that look can also get into a territory you might not want if you don’t pay attention to it. Lastly, wear sunscreen or sunblock any time you are outdoors, even in the winter.

Ladies specific

Gym selfie
I stopped wearing makeup everywhere. Post workout selfie

If you wear full makeup all the time, try to stop. The idea may make you feel like punching me (I thought about punching myself when I first convinced myself to slow down on the makeup!.) Take it from someone who is an avid  makeup fan. I begged to wear makeup from the time I was ten and finally started wearing it at 13. But you will thank me for it if you try it. You need to let your face breathe. Two things to remember, makeup (especially concealer) clogs pores and the heavier the makeup you wear, and the more often, it can cause you to wrinkle earlier in life. I know how hard it is with the amount of makeup that you see on Instagram and online, but everyone has different standards of beauty, and that isn’t appealing to everyone. You can also do something to make your skin pop on the days you don’t wear makeup. Some tips outlined in the section about skin care would do it. Try to slowly scale back once in a while if you’re having a hard time doing it.

These are some of my tips to look my best. What are some of yours?



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