Are you up on your social health?

Aidan bday

I’ve talked about focusing on whole health which means that your optimal health comes from balancing the physical, mental, environmental, spiritual, and social parts of your life.

Social health focuses on the importance of having a strong positive connection to family, friends or people at work or school. You may only have one or two people that you feel strongly connected to, but these connections are vital to your overall well-being.

Here are some ways to improve your social health.

Forgive. Positive relationships can’t exist without forgiveness. Learn to forgive yourself and others.

Make a close friend. Most adults have acquaintances, but few have a close enough friend to confide in when needed. If you find that you need a good friend, remember it’s never too late to restore an old friendship or make a new one. Work, classes, the gym or book clubs are just some places to try to strike up a new friendship.

Volunteer. Helping others can make you feel connected and give you the recognition that in giving your time to others, you’re ultimately giving to yourself.

Me and my friend fundraising for Habitat for Humanity

Encourage committed relationships. Make a commitment to become more conscious of all your relationships, especially those closest to you. Don’t forget to connect with someone, even if it’s a quick hello or to catch up. Set up reminders if you’re someone that forgets to reach out to those around you from time to time. I’m that person. If I don’t set up reminders, or regular touch bases, time can pass by before I remember to keep in touch.

These are some ways to improve your social health; do you have any others?



  1. What a wonderful reminder of the important things in life. We all get so caught up with our busy lifestyles it’s easy to forget the what really matters – connection with others for a health mind, body and finances.

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