Three ways to eat healthier and for less on your next trip

Grotta Palazzese Cave Restaurant view from Hotel Puglia
Grotta Palazzese Cave Restaurant, Puglia, Italy

Eating healthy can feel like a challenge when you’re traveling and not preparing your meals, but there are ways to eat well while you’re away. Here are three ways you can do it.


rialto bridge in Venice
Venice, Italy

I research ahead of time to see what the healthiest options are where I am going. First, I check to see if the place I am staying in has a kitchen or a fridge.

When I get to any location, I try to structure my day to make breakfast, pack lunch, and go out for dinner so I can explore the local food scene while getting in solid nutrition throughout the day too.

The more pre-planning I do, the healthier I find I can eat while I’m away.

Take food with you


If you have the ability to make some of your meals, you can control your choices to help you stay on track while on vacation. Even if you don’t have access to a fridge or a kitchen, you can still find some healthy packaged options like protein or energy bars. They won’t spoil.

Buying snacks and drinks can add up fast while you’re out. Instead, go to a local store and pick up some snacks that you can carry with you like protein or energy bars, or dried fruit. These won’t go bad so you can stock up.

If you do have a kitchen, make sandwiches or salads with protein that you can eat while you’re out. You can have them while you are sightseeing, on the beach or for a picnic in the park.

Bring and fill up a reusable water bottle to make sure you stay hydrated throughout the day.

If you’re driving to, and around your destination, pack a cooler and a portable grill.

Eat wisely

Woods Restaurant_Toronto
Chicken with purple mashed potatoes and vegetables, Woods Restaurant, Toronto

High-carb, sugary, and low-calorie meals will leave you feeling hungry in no time. Choose meals that are balanced and filling with a combination of protein, carbs and fruits, and vegetables. It will keep you full longer.

When dining out, skip the appetizers if it looks like the food is higher in calories and fat. They are usually just wasted calories. You can also share dishes so that you’re getting less of the unhealthy stuff and add a healthy salad to your meal.

When possible stick to salads, with dressing on the side and lean protein.

If you have leftovers, take them with you to eat later!

Lucky Leek restaurant, Berlin, Germany

These are a few of my tips for eating healthier while on vacation. What are some of yours?



  1. This post is straight to the point and quite informative. I like to travel a lot of the time and I totally understand how annoying it can be deciding what we eat and how we should maintain out lifestyle choices. Great job!!

  2. As usual great tips and photos. I do these as well, except I didn’t know about the balance of food. I also in some places ask for less oil when cooking or something like that to make the food healthier

  3. Great one Aldo! The food pics are making me hungry too! I do bring quite a few protein bars with me when I travel so I can eat something when I get hungry and space out the amount of times I have to buy food. They’re a good balance of protein and carb.

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