Eight qualities for being your best – how many do you have


I woke up this morning with very little sleep and a kind of gloomy looking morning. Most days I get up with a song in my head, and sometimes it’s a song that annoys others, like Happy by Pharrell. But, I will always like it because it makes me happy when I hear it (aptly named song for me!). It’s upbeat and has clapping and I can’t think of a better way to start my day! So, I started out the day well. Am I the world’s most annoying person? It’s possible! But I also know that I am very positive, and I believe in myself. And these are two of the qualities for being your best.

We’re all unique; we have our experiences and see the world differently from one another. Because of this, there are different qualities we can have that help us be our best based on our personal circumstances. However, studies have shown that there are standard features held by successful people. See how many of them you have, and if there are areas you can make improvements.


Everyone enjoys compliments. But when you have good self-esteem you know your value and don’t always need praise from people, or for others to tell you that you’re worthwhile. You already know it. Trust in yourself.

Do you have enough self-esteem or do you need others to give you compliments to know how much you’re worth?



Positive people have an optimistic outlook on life. By being more positive, you can begin to see life as filled with possibilities and solutions instead of problems. You view life as complex but filled with many opportunities.

Do you take hopeful approaches to the things you do, or do you start something thinking you’re going to fail?


You may have feelings or do things that sometimes seem unreasonable, but instead of rejecting them, it’s important to be aware of who you are, including your qualities, feelings, and behaviors. Acknowledge who you are without judging yourself as good or bad.

Are you aware of your qualities, feelings, and behaviors, and if so, do you let it be or do you judge yourself?



The ability to adapt to situations or to deal with a situation that is changing is another quality for being your best. You’re going to experience change throughout your life. From time-to-time, you’re also going to have to change how you think or do things based on particular situations.

Are you willing to make changes or compromises, or do you stick to what you know?

5.Ability to accept mistakes

You’re bound to make mistakes; everyone does. It’s important that you recognize them as mistakes and not as failings, and admit to them when they happen.

Do you accept your mistakes, or do you always have to be right?

6.Ability to take responsibility

It’s natural to make excuses once in a while for the things that you do or for some of your choices, most people do. But taking responsibility for your actions and the choices you make instead of blaming others is another quality for being your best.

Do you accept responsibility for what you do or the choices you make?

7.Ability to set realistic expectations

It’s important to set goals for yourself, personally and professionally. It’s also important to be realistic about what you can accomplish and to redefine your goals when you find that your initial expectations are too high or too low. You should also do this when you set expectations for other people. Be realistic about what you think they can accomplish and reset your expectations if they can’t meet it, without judgment.

Do you expect too much of yourself? Do you expect too much of other people?

8.Ability to handle life’s challenges

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Another quality is the capacity to handle life’s challenges. You may experience temporary setbacks or life changing events. It takes some time to adjust but using your skills and resources can help you work through temporary and longer-term challenges.

How well do you handle the challenges you’ve faced?

9.Ability to ask for help


Sometimes it may be hard to admit that you can’t figure something out or deal with an issue by yourself but it’s crucial to ask for and get help if you need it.

Do you ask others for help when you need it? Do you know who you can turn to if you do need assistance?

I know I can work on accepting my mistakes better and setting lower expectations for myself. Either that, or I’m not as self-aware as I think, and there are more!

How many of these eight qualities do you feel you have, and how many do you think can be improved? If you’re unsure, ask someone close to you to help you go through the list.




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