Styles from the Oscar’s best dressed women and men

Walking the red carpet at the 2015 Canada’s Walk of Fame Awards ceremony

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a fashion post, but the 90th Annual Academy Award aired this past Sunday. Even though I don’t watch them (because truthfully, I’ve rarely seen a movie that has earned an award, let alone a nomination … well maybe a Razzie Award if it counts), I do like to see the red carpet looks. I found there were great looks this year, especially the men.

My picks for women’s best dressed

Some of the looks that stood out to me also made a lot of the best-dressed lists.

I loved Jennifer Garner’s blue Atelier Versace gown, color and style. I don’t even want to imagine what it cost!  (link: and have similar styles as shown below.

Oscars gown - Jennifer Garner options

Award winner Allison Janney wore two of my favorite things, red and a dress with really cool sleeves. Her Reem Acra gown looked elegant, and the sleeves made it more striking. Since it’s still cold here, it would be a go-to event look for me over the next month or two. (photo credit: and have awesome options, shown below.

Oscars gown - Allison Janney options

With all of the light colored and white dresses, my favorite was from author Janet Mock in her custom Christian Siriano gown. I love the dramatic effect from different angles. It would also make a great wedding dress. (link: Janet Mock’s Instagram) and have similar looks, as seen in the pictures below.

Oscars gown - Janet Mock options

I had to give a shoutout to Rita Moreno, for her absolutely fabulous vintage gown (I couldn’t find one similar to it online) that she originally wore in 1962 when she won her Academy Award for West Side Story. (link:

My picks for men’s best dressed

I thought men brought the flair to the red carpet this year.

I’m going to start off with the look I assume 90% of people will disagree with, Armie Hammer in a custom Giorgio Armani tux. He wore two of my favorite things, red and velvet. Most people may not be able to pull it off, but it shocked me, and in a good way. (link: and have similar looks, as shown below.

Armie Hammer options

For a more traditional look, Jordan Peele in a white and black Calvin Klein tuxedo really stood out, and I do love a traditional tux. (link:  and have good options, shown below.

jordan peele

I think Common wears any suit well and maybe that’s what made this classic custom Giorgio Armani tuxedo such a winner. But, the fit and cut are also perfect. (link: and have a similar style, seen in the pictures below.


I have to give a special shoutout to Chadwick Boseman for his custom knee-length embroidered Givenchy Couture jacket because it blew me away! I gave up looking for something similar at a reasonable price, but I think it will be out there soon! (link:


What were some of your favorite looks?




  1. Did you notice that strange tux a guy was wearing with 3/4 sleeves?? His white shirt sleeves were exposed from the elbow down! ick. I could have used your post a few weeks ago. I went to a blacktie event and I swear I Felt like my dress was one giant tent. lol

    1. No! I missed him. I had to look it up…I’m glad I missed it haha!! Oh no, I do so little fashion posts, I need to step up my game! I wrote one on formal wear last summer and that was one of the only ones. I will do more; I love black tie looks!! Have a wonderful start to your week! 🙂

      1. Ha ha! Aren’t you sad you did? LOL. You have a great week as well. Thanks for jumping on the Bus with us too! We like the outdoors, but are girly girls too :-).

    1. He really was able to take that tux into another stratosphere. Lupit’as I loved too; Sandra’s, I didn’t think the fit was right but it was a nice one! Most people know I lied it too

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