Three little ways to give your confidence a pick me up

Spanish Steps, Rome
Taking a quick break before climbing the Spanish Steps in Rome

This time of year can be stressful for many, and may seem like an uphill battle because it can get extremely busy with all that goes along with it. Speaking of which, there will be fewer blog posts over the next two weeks but hopefully they’ll be good ones!

Most of us can use a little pep-talk and boost in confidence from time to time. It’s especially true when things are stressful or something difficult hits such as job loss, a relationship breakup or health concern.

I usually think that things don’t bother me, and can brush everything off my shoulder. But it’s not always the case, and sometimes I need to take some steps to remind myself of the positives.

Here are three ways of the ways I do it when I need a quick boost.

1.Focus on positive feedback from others: Think about the positive feedback you receive from family, friends or coworkers. Take the time to remember what it is about you that people find fabulous, especially during the times you’re starting to feel bad about yourself.

2.Try to focus on being the best you possible: No one is perfect, not even celebrities. Everyone’s definition of perfection is different. So, instead of trying to live up to a concept, try to be the best you that you can. Some of the things you might think are “imperfect” are probably the things that make you fabulous.

3.Don’t try to live up to someone else’s ideal: You may find it difficult to maintain a positive self-image if you always try to live up to someone else’s vision of what you should be.  As the step above mentioned, just try to be the best you that you can.

These are just three quick tips. If you want some more, I wrote a detailed post “Shine bright like a diamond! Give your confidence a boost”.



  1. This post brought some unintentional help to me. I have a friend whose husband is battling cancer. Every once in a while, the stress of being the care taker gets to her and I don’t know what to say. Reminding her of her great family support, putting her best foot forward is the best she can do and it only matters to the two of them how they handle this terrible situation. Thank you for the inspiration.

    1. Thank you very much for sharing. I really appreciate it. I’m sorry for the late reply. I’ve been traveling. I am very sorry to hear about your friend’s husband. It is very true that it only matters how the two of them handle the situation. It is wonderful that she has a friend like you that is there by her side. I have them in my thoughts. Thanks again for sharing, your comment is inspiration to many others.

  2. Sam, you are incredible.

    Appreciate the positivity and you’re honestly one of the hardest working and caring individuals on IG that I’ve come across. Most people use “automation” but you are authentic. You really wanna help people and it shows.

    Thank you for all you do. ❤️😊


    1. Thank you so much Danny! I really appreciate it. I try, I think you are as well. I’m sorry for the late reply. I’ve been traveling. I hope you have a wonderful day and your comment means a lot. 🙂

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