Your environmental health is important – easy ways to improve yours


I often talk about focusing on whole health which means that your peak health comes from balancing the physical, mental, environmental, spiritual, and social parts of your life. I find that the environmental health component is something that isn’t always on top of mind for people, myself included.

To optimize whole health, you need to be in harmony with your environment, which means you’re not harming it, and it’s not harming you.

Here are some tips to improve your environmental health, regardless of where you live. You can try to use as some of these in your workplace if allowed.

Go outside. Indoor air can be up to 100 times more polluted than outdoor air so try to get outside to breathe in fresh air as much as possible.


Let in some fresh air. Whenever possible, open up your window(s) to let in some air. Even during winter months, it’s a good idea to open them up for short periods of time. I’ve tried it because my place gets so dry and stuffy. Granted, some winter days it’s much harder, so I’ll only do it for about five-10 minutes at a time.

Keep plants. Plants produce oxygen and can make a difference to improved breathing indoors.

Flee from technology! I don’t like labels, but I’d have to call myself a tech junkie. I’m attached to my phone and laptop a lot for work. Frequently move away from your computer, TV, phone, tablet or gaming system. Leave them behind every hour, move around, stretch and take that time to open a window or step outside and get some fresh air.

Clean your floors regularly. Make sure your floors, particularly carpets and rugs, are cleaned with non-toxic cleaners to prevent the buildup of mold and bacteria.

Improve the ventilation. You can help improve your air circulation by opening up doors and windows periodically. For example, try sleeping with your bedroom door open, even if it’s just slightly ajar.



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