Being in your top physical form is more than just working out


I’m working on boosting my physical health another level. To be at your best physically, you want to reach your peak energy and vitality levels. You’ve probably heard these tips a million times before, but combined they put you in your top physical form. I’ll apologize upfront about reiterating them for the millionth and one time!

Breathe through your abdomen

I decided to start with the lesser known tip so you would be less likely to skip over it. Breathing through your abdomen instead of your chest improves energy, increases your oxygen flow, relieves stomach pain and diminishes stress.

“A short but sweet way to banish stress” for deep breathing techniques.

Exercise regularly

Lat pulldown

I just can’t talk about physical health without mentioning exercise. Make it a priority in your life. Schedule it in if you have to, at least 30 minutes, a minimum of times a week. If you can, aim for five.

If you’re not into hitting the gym, there are many other options out there for you.  Do anything that you’ll stick with, and that you’ll enjoy. Swimming, running, biking, hiking, skiing, sports boxing, and dancing are just some of the options you can work into your routine.

For motivation, read “Find your workout motivation”.


Drink water

Most people are chronically dehydrated. I’m one of them. I’m always surprised about how my body functions on such little water – not that I’m proud of it!

How much water is necessary depends on the study, but most experts believe you need to drink eight to 10 cups of water a day to replace the water lost through your regular metabolic processes.

Eat a balanced diet

Burrito bowl

Another “We’ve heard it before” tip is to eat well. Make sure to include lots of fruits and vegetables, lean or plant-based proteins, carbs and good fats. Avoid foods with chemical additives and reduce your intake of sugar, red meat, unhealthy fats, caffeine, salt, refined carbohydrates, and alcohol.

Check out “Eat your way to a better metabolism” for ideas of what to eat.


Apparently, the three hours of sleep I get a night isn’t even close to being enough! North American guidelines suggest approximately eight hours of sleep for adults a night and 10 for teens. Some tips to help you sleep better:

  • Take a warm bath.
  • Stay away from technology close to bedtime
  • Reduce your caffeine and alcohol intake.
  • Try light yoga, meditation or deep breathing.

“Sweet dreams are made of this…” has more tips.

These are some main ways to make sure you’re in your peak physical form. Do you have any others?

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