My three favorite Fall/Winter boot trends for women and men

Suede boots

I mentioned in a previous post that I’m a huge fan of boots for women and men, and they go with everything – to me. Some fantastic trends came out of the Fall/Winter season, some that are unwearable too, but I like to focus on the positive. And there were plenty. But, for the sake of blog length I’m going to focus only on three.

1.Suede / vegan suede

While I know suede isn’t a good idea for winter for all parts of the world, Canada included, I have always loved the look. So, I let my practical side go for this one. I have fabulous vegan suede and suede that I wear when it’s not going to rain or snow.


I will start with high boots because as I mention maybe too frequently, I adore them. They rock with everything! Suede is no exception…actually, it may be even truer with suede!

Boot - High

Amazon has knee high and over-the-knee ideas at different prices.

Booties can amp up an outfit. I love them with jeans, dresses, skirts, well, with anything. I don’t wear them often (because thin legs), but the right combination can look sensational on the street.

Boot - Booties

  1. Steve Madden Editor bootie
  2. Sam Edelman Tinsley rain boot
  3. Guess Lucena Military bootie

Check Amazon for more.


Suede boots look great with jeans and casual outfits. The variety of colors can help make a casual look pop.

Boot - Men Suede

Check Amazon for more options and prices.


I’m not sure I mention it enough, but red is my favorite color.  I wear it even when it’s not in fashion. Why? Because nothing makes me happier than seeing the color, and one thing I think that trumps trends, is your happiness with what you are wearing. No one looks better than when they’re happy…but I’m going off topic.


Red boots can make neutral colored outfits eye-catching (I am the queen of all black outfits, so I know!), and can work to add to color blocking.

Boot - Red Women

Check Amazon for more styles.


Wear more red. Not just boots, red anything. Please! Ok. Now that I got that out, let’s get to some awesome looking red boots.

Not everyone will want to wear the shades of red I think are fantastic, like the Vianello boots from Aldo Shoes shown below. But there are subtler shades that would amp up jeans or a casual look, or dress down a jacket and pants.

Boot - Men Red

Amazon has more options.

3.Dr. Martens (Doc Martens or Docs)

Now, I know Doc Martens aren’t for everyone, but I’m not one of them! I don’t look the best in Docs because of my thin legs, but I love them; especially on other people.


To me, you can wear Docs with skirts, dresses, leggings, jeans, or whatever you want!

Boot - Doc Marten Womens

The Dr. Marten’s site has all their styles.


I love the look with jeans and a turtleneck (because I love them with everything!) and also with a jacket and pants to make the look a little edgier. Add a turtleneck no wait, a red turtleneck to the outfit and – just wow!

Boot - Dr Marten Men

Check Dr. Marten for all their styles.

These are my three favorite trends for boots right now, what are yours?

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  1. Love the white Steve Maddens! I live in NY so suede is a tough one but I agree it looks so good. I was a 90s girl so I had my docs. I don’t know if I could carry them now 🙂

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