My Fall fashion favorites for women and men from fashion week

Suede/Vegan suede and turtlenecks are in this Fall

I’m not sure that men care what I think about their fashion, but I try not to write gender-specific articles (even if they lean one way sometimes more than another). And I have particular things I love about men’s fashion, and they make great gift ideas too!

I’m what I call a “lazy fashionista,” and I need comfort. I love fashion and looking good, but not if it’s going to be uncomfortable, or I have to spend too much time getting ready. So, it brings me to the reasons why Fall is my favorite time for fashion – I can look good without sacrificing function!

Here are some of the Fall highlights for me from New York Fashion Week (NYFW). They also happen to fit with what I like anyway!


High boots

I’ll start with my favorite part of Fall fashion. Boots, glorious boots. My love of high boots started when I was young. Mostly to hide my thin legs, but they took on a whole new life form for me over the years.  They can make anything look good…and I mean anything. I can take my comfy yoga pants out in my boots after the gym, and no one is the wiser. Super comfy and stylish! I wear them with 50s style dresses, jeans, pants… you get the idea.

Yoga pants from Victoria Secret, Stuart Weitzman boots, jacket from my sister’s closet 🙂

Ankle boots are trending too, but as I mentioned in my point above about my thin legs, they definitely rank lower for me!

Boot trends from NYFW

Maxi dresses and jumpsuits

Thankfully, maxi dresses and jumpsuits aren’t going anywhere yet; they’re my staples because they’re so comfortable. You also don’t have to worry about matching tops to bottoms (I did mention I was lazy!).

Park at the Bluffs
Wearing a Fall maxi dress from California Moonrise and leather jacket from Danier

Maxi dress and jumpsuit fashion trends from the runway

Leather  or Suede / Vegan leather or Suede

Leather pants are in this Fall, and to me, jackets never go out of style, so I’m one happy lady! The runway had no shortage of styles and colors. I am excited to put some of these into rotation now that the heat wave in Toronto is officially over.

Vegan suede dress from BCBGMaxazria

Trends from the runway


Red is the “it” color for fall fashion this year. To me, it should be every year. Red will always be my favorite color, but when it’s trending, it’s so much easier to pick up great items. I also have to say that the burnt orange and jewel tones on the runway at NYFW were spectacular.

Check out the beautiful colors.



Loose fit turtleneck sweater from Calvin Klein

Like high boots for women, my love of turtlenecks for men has been around since I was young. That’s why it tops my list of men’s looks. I don’t care if they’re in style or not. I think every man should own at least one … in every color! Thankfully, they made a comeback last year and are here to stay. Paired with jeans, under a jacket, fitted or loose fit – it doesn’t matter.

Esquire has some of the new looks

Leather /Vegan leather jackets

I’m personally a fan of the motorcycle/moto jacket. This season also offers so many variations of leather jackets, and a lot of them look awesome. I like the look paired with jeans, and a shirt and tie like on David Beckham below.

Photo of David Beckham from Pinterest

Fall 2017 jacket trends


Honestly, I love all men’s shoes. They’re fabulous. I have a thing for boots with jeans though – coupled with a turtleneck and motorcycle jacket. I clearly have a very specific look!  That being said, suede seems to be the standout from NYFW – still paired with jeans for the win, for me!

Handsome man at the top of a bridge over a highway
Timberland suede boots and jeans from 7 for all Mankind

Suede boot styles from GQ


Suits are popular all year round, but I like the Fall/Winter patterns, colors and material best. This season, bold statements in color or style are trending, although they may not be everyone’s taste. For men’s suits, I find that the fit makes or breaks a suit. It doesn’t matter if it’s slim fit, ultra slim, relaxed fit…it has to fit perfectly, or it throws the look off a bit. Nordstrom has a good suit fit guide.

Nyfw topman
Plaid suit from Topman

Here are some of the looks for the season

These are some of the things I love about Fall fashion, and some of the standouts for me from NYFW. What about you?



  1. Love this! I am lazy too when it comes to fashion but I wish I look better. I don’t have the skill to pull of “lazy fashionista”! I would love it if you did another post about how you pull your lazy outfits together for inspo :

  2. I agree! High boots with pants that aren’t so shapely either really save me time instead of trying to pick the pant/shoe combo! I’ve totally done that with my yoga pants! LOL

    1. I’m so glad I’m not the only one guilty of the yoga pants/boots combo 🙂 but it is so comfortable it’s really hard not to! Thanks so much for your comment Kristin! Have a wonderful night 🙂

  3. Love this post Sam! It’s been awhile since there was a fashion one 🙂 . I love the new colors and lots of the looks from the runway this season. Very 90s. Fall is also my favorite season for clothes

    1. They look awesome on most people….just not with my little ankles 🙂 I saw a gorgeous pair of red ones the other day, but I can’t remember where. Thanks for sharing!! Have a wonderful evening

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