Five quick natural tips to look your best


If you have a child, or niece or nephew that can do your hair quickly, test it out! It just might work and make you feel like a million dollars 🙂

I’m tired this morning and look like I haven’t slept in weeks. I’m not sure why since I went to bed at a reasonable time (well for me!). You would think I went out with the way I feel this morning, but I didn’t.

I have no energy to get dressed to do stuff today. So instead of getting dressed, I’m writing while I figure out how to look like I’m human. I’m a huge supporter of healthy living as the key to looking and feeling your best. However, that’s not going to help me at this point, so I need some additional support today.

I’m looking to follow these tips to help myself … did I mention that I’m moving soon and still decided to take a last minute trip to Italy last week, booked one day in advance! How many people book a vacation halfway across the world, one day ahead, one month before they’re moving? Well, I did! And no regrets. But, I’ll get back on track with my topic; and to that point, maybe this is why I look and feel the way I do right now! Sorry, long intro over,  I’ll get into the tips I’m going to use.

Some tips


Lemon and honey mask

A quick at home facial. Make a lemon and honey mask; it gives you a natural glow. To make one, cut a lemon in half, squeeze the juice, and add a teaspoon of honey. Apply on your face for 20 minutes and rinse off with cold water. Use cucumber slices, black teabags, or ice over your eyes. It helps to reduce puffiness and darkness. Leave either one of them on for 10 minutes with your eyes shut and relax.

Play up your assets. Highlight the feature you like best. Nothing makes you look better than showcasing your best features. If you’re having trouble nailing down your qualities, ask a friend to help. It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money to look your best. You Tube has tons of videos for inspiration.

Be comfortable. You’ll never feel or look great if you’re not comfortable with what you have on. I had a back injury, so I’m much more comfortable in dresses than jeans. I only own one pair of jeans because they feel terrible on me. You can find comfortable clothes that can pop with great accessories.

Look confident. Stand up straight, hold your head up high, smile and walk like you’re confident, even if you don’t feel it. Acting like have confidence may help you start feeling it as well. Good posture also makes your body look better than when you slouch and smiling brightens up your face.

Dress for where you’re going. Don’t overdress if you’re going somewhere casual and don’t underdress if you’re going to an event. If you’re unsure of what to wear, ask someone to help. But always make sure you dress like you! You won’t be comfortable or confident if you feel out of place.


Amazing backdrops in Florence, Italy. Bonus tip: Being outdoors always makes me me feel my best – even in winter 🙂 It might work for you too!

I’m using all of these today to see if it works. I hope you find some of these ideas helpful! Do you have any others?

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  1. I’ll have to give the mask a try! Do you use organic honey? I have some New Zealand honey that maybe I’ll use…maybe my face will look extra glow-y 😝 As for dark circles, man, I look like the relative of a zombie.

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    • I use organic honey mostly (unless I’m out of it. I’m too lazy to pick up new stuff for one thing haha!) Oh the New Zealand honey would be amazing!! I want to know if it makes your skin extra glow-y! I will slather myself in it from head to toe :). Hahahahaha!! I am going to have to borrow your line one day. It is AWESOME!!!! I look like one today 🙂


      • I’ll let you know how it goes! And feel free to borrow away! I have some pretty interesting one-liners that my friend and I started hashtagging as #sharmisms on Facebook. =P


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