My top three quick travel hacks


Hapenny Bridge in Dublin, Ireland

I travel a lot for work, more than two-thirds of the year for the last year or so. Here are the three things I do that help me make the most of my trip.

Maximize your deals

jfk airport lounge lufthansa

JFK airport lounge in New York

Use travel loyalty programs; they’re worth it. Not just for the bonus miles, rewards and free flights, but you can also get perks such as priority seating on the plane and access to a lounge in the airport while you wait. Programs can also help you if you’re booking hotels and renting cars.

Use Airbnb and couchsurf where you can to save money as well on places to stay. Sites like Groupon and LivingSocial can help you find deals on food or things to do in your destination city.

Read Save money on flights and Ways to travel last minute without breaking the bank for more of my tips on spending less to travel.

Pack light

Tumi Bags

Backpack and carry-on I use for trips

I talk about this one all the time. It saves me time, money and extra hassles. I don’t have to pay or wait for baggage check, which also lets me get ahead of others on my flight to get out of the airport and start my holiday. I also don’t have to deal with the hassle of lugging around extra baggage.

My suggestion is only to take what’s necessary. I can get by for up to three weeks with one carry-on and one personal item bag, even with a suit or two. I wrote some tips in The freedom of traveling light, and my joint post with Samantha on travel fashion tips.

Keep up healthy living


Surfing in San Diego

It’s important to eat as healthy as you can when you travel, as well as to keep up your fitness.

To eat healthier, try to buy some healthy snacks or make your food if you can. Eat the healthy snacks while you’re out so that you don’t stop for fast food options, or gorge when you finally eat because you’re so hungry. If you have a kitchen where you’re staying, you can make some of your food to ensure that it’s healthy too.

To keep your fitness consistent when you’re traveling, research ahead to see if the place you’ll be staying in has a working gym or pool, or what space you have in your room. Also, if there are any parks, trails, gym deals or sports nearby.

I also believe strongly in getting medical insurance if you’re going somewhere you’re not covered in case something happens. The one time it does, you don’t want to be stuck without it, even if you’re out of pocket when nothing does happen. It’s better to be safe.


Bay of Fires, Tasmania

I wrote more tips on these three topics in a joint Q&A with Samantha about staying healthy when you travel, and in  Travel, eat well and not break the bank and Ways to keep fit while you travel.

These are some of my quick travel tips. What are yours?

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