Random acts of kindness Friday week #9: Love thy neighbor

Curry Chowmein and Dhal
Chicken curry, dhal and chowmein

Happy Friday! It’s my ninth week doing random acts of kindness Fridays. I’m hoping that some of you will join me, even if you don’t post or talk about it. Let’s make this world slightly nicer one day at a time!

Today is “love thy neighbor” day; dinner for the neighbors. It’s great when you can get along with your neighbors and what better way to show appreciation than a home cooked meal and conversation. I will go with my old faithful recipe, Guyanese chicken curry. Hopefully they will enjoy it!

Have a beautiful day! If you decide to do a #randomactsofkindness of your own, whatever you choose to do, I hope it puts a smile on their face!



  1. Earlier this week I was walking in the water’s edge at the beach, and there was a grandmother bending over taking photos, of the daughter, and grandchild. Behind her, and by me was floating some $20 bills. As she was squatting, I handed her the money, and said ‘Is this yours’. Of course she took it. Afterwards I wondered if it had been another persons. I hope it was hers, but I did the right thing.

  2. Great tips Sam! Me and my neighbor, we usually share something occasionally. We developed our friendship a lot through this. I guess this is one of the best ways to bond with neighbor. 🙂

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