Quiz: Test your temper, and some tips to be calmer

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I wanted to start by wishing everyone in the U.S. and the U.K. a great holiday day, and a great day to everyone around the world.

Everyone gets angry occasionally. But do people tell you to calm down? People who get angry easily may be at risk for some illnesses, it can also ruin your personal and work relationships, so it’s important to keep your anger in check.

How often do you get angry?

For each of the 14 statements, give yourself a score of 1-4, and be honest!

  • Score 1: If the statement is never true for you
  • Score 2: If the statement is sometimes true
  • Score 3: If the statement is often true
  • Score 4: If the statement is always true
  1. _______ It doesn’t take much to get me mad.
  2.   _______ People tell me I should calm down.
  3.  _______ I blow up at terrible drivers.
  4. _______ If I’m upset, I’ll hit something like the wall.
  5. _______ People call me hotheaded.
  6. _______ I’m furious about the way I get treated at restaurants or stores.
  7. _______ When other people’s mistakes slow me down, it upsets me for the whole day.
  8. _______ If things are bad enough, I’ll throw things.
  9.  _______ I swear loudly to blow off steam.
  10.  _______ I feel like hitting the person that makes me angry.
  11. _______ People tell me I have a bad temper.
  12. _______ It makes me furious if I get embarrassed in front of someone.
  13. _______ I’m very ambitious, so sometimes I get impatient and angry with other people.
  14. _______ I’ve been known to break things when I’m frustrated.

         _______ Total score

What your score means

Angry driver

  • Score of 18 or below: You have an appropriate temper level and can stay calm in situations that would frustrate many others. It helps you manage your stress levels.
  •  Score of 19–27: Your temper level is average. You get angry about as often as most people. To reduce your score, practice some of the hints listed below.
  • Score of 28–35: You might be under too much stress, or you may get angry too often. You should begin to make changes now before it affects your health. To reduce your score, practice the hints below and take the quiz again until you can move your score into a normal range. You may want to consider speaking to a healthcare professional about ways to manage your anger.
  • Score of over 35: Your anger is a concern; you’re at risk for stress-related illness. To reduce your score, practice the hints below and take the quiz again until you can move your score into a normal range. You should seriously consider speaking to a healthcare professional about ways to manage your anger.

Some helpful hints 

Playing sports outdoors

If you try these tips every day, you may find that you’re better able to manage your anger, happier and easier to be around.

One of the first things you should do is to find the cause of your anger to figure out why you get angry so easily. Once you’ve identified why, you can take steps to manage it better.

  •  Write a message to the person that has made you angry, but don’t send it until later, or the next day or two. When you re-read your message, you may decide to take another approach.
  • Say “I was wrong” to someone when you were wrong or when you’ve hurt them.
  • Use “I” statements such as, “I get angry when…” Using “I” shows you are not blaming the other person. Blaming statements often start with “you” such as, “You never…”
  • Is it possible to change or avoid a situation in the future that makes you angry?
    • If the answer is yes, think about how that you can do it.
    • If the answer is no, work towards accepting the situation.
  • Remember, you can’t control other people’s behavior, but you can control the way you respond.
  • Do something that you enjoy (e.g. read, eat an excellent meal or go out with people that make you happy).
  • Use relaxation techniques such as deep breathing exercises or a bath to calm down.
  • Find a physical outlet for your anger, such as exercise.
  • Set a time limit for how long you’re going to stay angry and then let it go.
  • Think of positive messages:  “I’m mad, but I can get on with my life or my job or school.”

These are just some tips to help, do you have any others?



  1. Loved this post! I scored slightly higher than I thought at 27 but I knew I had some work to do. Thanks for the tips! They will come in handy 🙂

  2. Great quiz! Happy to say I scored 17 so I won’t lose my temper and yell at you for putting a stupid quiz out there 😋🦉

  3. This is great! I haven’t read anything like this on a blog I’ve followed. Thanks for sharing. There are tips for everyone in here since I haven’t met one person that hasn’t gotten overly upset at least once.

  4. Excellent post. I love the quiz and tips format. I found it really helpful. These are practical for every day!👏👏

    1. Thanks so much! I appreciate it. I agree, it happens to all of us and it’s better to be aware than try to take back something later. Thanks for sharing your perspective. Enjoy your day!

  5. I buy your views on anger and the tips are good. Anger can be very destructive. In fact, anger has been known to cause irreparable destruction. Many couples experience the destructive power of anger on a daily basis.

  6. Love the idea of a quiz. This was fun! I do get angry at drivers, and I have young kids that can frazzle my nerves some times but usually I can remain pretty calm 🙂

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