Random acts of kindness movement Friday week #4: Pass it on


Happy Friday! It’s my fourth week doing random acts of kindness Fridays. I’m hoping that some of you will join me, even if you don’t post or talk about it. I’m encouraged that we can make this world slightly nicer one day at a time.

Today is my “tell four unsuspecting people how much they mean to me” day. There are people who have said or done things, or been there for me in ways they may not realize or remember. I want to remind them how much their random act of kindness meant to me, even if they didn’t think it was one! Maybe they’ll pass it on to four people in their lives. Why four? Because it’s my first four weeks of doing this!

Have a beautiful day! If you decide to do a #randomactsofkindness of your own, whatever you choose to do, I hope it puts a smile on their face.

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