Last minute places to visit in June

Fishermen's Bastion in Budapest

Fishermen’s Bastion in Budapest

June is the start of peak season for the summer, especially after mid-month. You can still find deals and some places that aren’t jammed with tourists yet.  I’m only going to focus on three that I thought stood out during the month. If you’ve read my other posts, I usually include two cost saving tip reminders.

Two weeks is the sweet spot: When not fully booked, airlines, hotels, and cruise ships often offer huge discounts two weeks before the travel date.

Be flexible: The time of day and the day of the week you travel can have a huge impact on costs either higher or lower.

Some places to visit in June

I tried to pick three places that people may not consider as their top destination spot for the month.

Budapest, Hungary


Chain Bridge, Budapest in June 2014

Budapest consists of two regions, Buda is to the west of the Danube River and Pest which lies to the east. I’ve been to Budapest twice in June, once in 2014 and then last year. It’s one of the cheapest places to go in Europe, even in June, and has a rich history, culture, and nightlife. It is spread out, so not everything is walkable or bikeable, but getting around the city is reasonable.

Some attractions

the great synagogue budapest

The Great Synagogue, Budapest, June 2014

History: There is a lot to cover, but just some of the highlights include the House of Parliament and the Shoes on the Danube Bank near Parliament is a very moving memorial. Other notables include the Buda Castle, the Fisherman’s Bastion, St. Stephen’s Basilica, which is the largest cathedral in Hungary and Dohány Synagogue, also known as The Great Synagogue, which is the biggest synagogue in Europe.

Culture: There are museums, like the Chocolate Museum and the Miniversum; operas, theater and the Palace of the Arts. Budapest is known for its bathhouses. The biggest is Széchenyi Spa, and it is popular with locals and visitors of all ages. It was a cool experience. Gellert Bath was another excellent experience.


Szechenyi spa in Budapest

Szechenyi spa in Budapest 2016

Nature: The Danube, Budapest Zoo & Botanical Garden, Palvolgyi Caves, Palatinus Strand water park and the Tropicarium are just some of the nature sites you can visit.

Food scene: There is a large food scene in Budapest. From cheap eats to fine dining, and a variety of types of food, you will find something tasty. A couple of notables that were also gluten-free and vegan-friendly were Parisi 6, which serves traditional Hungarian food as well as Eastern European, and Olive Tree Hummus Express, an Israeli and Middle Eastern restaurant where you can grab a quick and cheap meal that tastes great.

Nightlife: Budapest has a bustling nightlife. Clubs, jazz, wine and piano bars, and free bar tours, you will find something up your alley. Szimpla Kert is one of the more well-known nightclubs to dance and get cheap drinks.

Average temperature: High 75 F / 24 C, Low 57F /14 C

For more information, read what other travelers have said on TripAdvisor.

Old Montreal/Old Port Montreal, Canada


Notre Dame Basilique in Montreal from my trip in June 2015

Old Montreal and Old Port reminds me of Europe. Cobblestone streets, signs in French (as well as English), little cafes everywhere. It’s my favorite part of Montreal, and it’s not that far from downtown. I’ve covered Vancouver and Toronto in other posts of places to go, so I thought it was time to give a shoutout to one of my favorite cities in Canada.

Some attractions

Place Jacques Cartier in Montreal

Place Jacques Cartier in Montreal in the evening

History: Notre Dame Basilica is a stunning cathedral as shown in the photo above. Place Jacques-Cartier is a square with cafes, shops, and restaurants. I don’t necessarily like to eat there because it is a touristy place, so the food isn’t going to be the best in Montreal, but when the weather is good, there are street performances, and it’s still a must-see. You can also do your own walking tour around Old Port. There are museums and galleries all over too.

Underground city: Montreal’s underground city has shops, restaurants, hotels, spas and salons connected underneath the city. It’s especially convenient when the weather is bad.

Montreal underground

Cafe in the underground city in Montreal

Food scene: I have enjoyed most of my meals in Montreal. I stay away from eating in Old Port as I mentioned above because it’s touristy. Anywhere else, you can basically turn down some small side streets as you’re walking, and pop into a small bistro and eat a delicious meal. A couple of notables that were also gluten-free and vegan-friendly were Aux Vivres, which served ethnically-inspired food from around the world, and Brasserie 701, a French restaurant with excellent food and a lively atmosphere.

Nightlife: Flyjin is a Japanese fusion restaurant and lounge that’s hard to find, but once you do, you’ll have a great time. Similar to restaurants, you can turn down a side street and find fun bars, lounges or clubs almost anywhere in the city.

Average temperature: High 73 F / 23 C, Low 54 F /12 C

For more information, read what other travelers have said on TripAdvisor.

Negril, Jamaica

Rockhouse Hotel Negril Jamaica

Rockhouse Hotel in Negril Jamaica from my trip in June 2014.

Jamaica is a place many people think about traveling to, but not usually during the warm months. I went to Negril in June a few years ago, and I found the prices much better than other times. I was able to book my trip a couple of weeks before I left and still get into the places I wanted to stay and visit. It was a great four-day trip for me, and I normally don’t do all-inclusive resorts. I made sure to take trips off-resort every day, even for a few hours.

Some attractions

Cliff diving negril

Capturing people swimming and cliff diving in Negril

Beaches: Seven Mile beach is a picturesque white sand beach where you can swim, snorkel, jet ski or just hang out. You can also swim, snorkel and cliff dive at The Cliffs. There are caves to swim in too. I enjoyed my experience here.

Nature and sporty: You can also surf, swim and snorkel at one of the other beaches. You can find deep sea fishing, boating, jet skiing, water sports, zip lining, ATVing and river rafting, or go on a safari.

Rockhouse Restaurant Negril Jamaica

Excellent food at the Rockhouse Restaurant in Negril Jamaica

Food scene: Since I was at a resort, I tried to eat most of my meals there but wanted to get a flavor for more authentic food, so I did get recommendations for some local restaurants to try. Two restaurants that stood out to me were Just Natural, which serves healthy, excellent Jamaican and Caribbean food, and Rockhouse Restaurant, which specializes in seafood and Jamaican cuisine, it’s part of the hotel shown in the picture above. Casual atmospheres and great meals at both with a lot of options that were vegetation, vegan and gluten-free, so they’re perfect for anyone. Service was friendly and great too.

Nightlife: There are plenty of places to go off resort. The Jungle is one nightclub that is a fun time with cheap drinks. Collette’s Bar is a small local bar with great drinks and a welcoming and friendly atmosphere.

Average temperature: High 85 F / 29 C, Low 75F /23 C

For more information, read what other travelers have said on TripAdvisor.

Some resources to help you with better pricing for your trip

Next year, I want to go to Alaska in June. It’s supposed to be the best time to go. If you have been, what was your experience?

What are some of your favorite places to go to in June?


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  1. Always amazing photos! I thought June was a great time to go to Jamaica too, especially booking two weeks before leaving. Loved it. Montreal is awesome all the time and I agree June is one of the best times too. I never thought about Budapest. Thanks for sharing these great tips!

    Liked by 1 person

    • They’re all great places. You can’t go wrong! Montreal is a safe bet if it’s closet. The dollar is lower too right now so it’s an extra good time to go for people from the US or Europe!


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