LOL more. It’s good for your health


Frankly, I was too lazy to type out “laugh out loud” in my title, so the acronym stayed. And this is how my morning begins – lazily! I’m a little bitter this morning after watching the Toronto Raptors get swept in the NBA championships last night. I just realized after commenting on a blog I read,  Off the Uneven Pavement, that I’m a bit of a sore loser! But then I had to laugh about the whole thing (but really what else can you do when your team loses four straight games?). And here’s where I landed, lazy but happy.

Laughter may be one of the best types of medicine for your health. It can help in stressful situations and improve your mood. I can honestly say that I laugh a lot. Well anyone that knows me can testify to this. I like to watch comedies and cartoons, I joke around, and I like to be around people that make me happy. It’s one of the reasons I can manage through a lot of stress.

 Some health benefits

Some wayback birthday fun (well just a few years ago!)

While science hasn’t proven that laughter helps people feel better, scientists do theorize that the hormones released when you laugh make you feel good and make it easier for you to cope during difficult times.


The hormones your brain releases when you laugh can help:

  • boost your immunity,
  • decrease pain, and
  • relax your muscles.

Mental health

The hormones your brain releases when you laugh can help:

  • improve your mood,
  • lessen anxiety and fear,
  • relieve stress, and
  • increase resilience (your ability to manage through life’s challenges).


I like to bust out the robot every now and then to make my family laugh. The frozen face shows my level of commitment to this! 🙂

Using your sense of humor can help you:

  • strengthen existing relationships,
  • make new relationships,
  • diffuse disagreements or conflict, and
  • promote group bonding and teamwork.

Some people naturally use humor in stressful situations. Others feel that if a situation is serious, joking around is inappropriate. Most of us, however, appreciate a good laugh when we’re scared or worried. It distracts us and helps to make us feel better. Humor is a powerful way to deal with anger, disagreements, and pain, and it can connect people during difficult times.

Improving your sense of humor is easier than you think

If you don’t believe that you have much of a sense of humor, try some of these tips to help improve it.

  • Practice laughing, even if it feels forced at first.
  • Find a way to laugh about your situations and your stress should start to reduce.
  • Make it a habit of spending time with people who make you laugh.
  • Share a good joke or a funny story.
  • Watch a funny movie or clip on YouTube.
  • Go to a comedy club or a funny show.
  • Make time to do fun things like bowling, games night with friends, miniature golfing, playing pool or karaoke.

Some forms of humor aren’t appropriate, so use your best judgment to recognize a good joke from a bad or hurtful one; especially if the joke is at the expense of someone else.

Reach out to those around you to laugh

Me and my bestie can always make each other laugh!

The next time you’re sick, worried or stressed, try to remember that you can feel better. Get together with friends or family (have them come to you if you can’t make it out), do something fun or just sit around and chat. You might be surprised at how much better you feel after you’ve spent some time laughing and sharing stories.

Have a wonderful start to your week!



  1. I had an awful virus last week that knocked me for a loop. Couldn’t leave the bed for days. But once I stopped sleeping all the time I watched Big Bang Theory back to back and felt. Enter from the distraction and laughter.

  2. This was great and yes we can always make each other laugh! Especially when you do the robot lol

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