When I thought I had the super bowl I came up with a new one, starring cacao and banana

Breakfast berry smoothie bowl topped with blueberries, kiwi, chi

These days, my creativity seems to be coming in smoothie bowl form. But I’m satisfied for now because they taste splendiferous and I’m sure it will come out in other forms again one day! Ok, I’m not sure why the word splendiferous popped into my head but “really good” didn’t seem to cover it. Last weekend, I posted My version of the super bowl. Well, this one I think tops it! There isn’t much of a debate in my mind because it blends two of my favorite flavors together, chocolate and banana. What more do I need?

Some of the health benefits include helping to improve brain and heart functioning, improving skin and boosting your mood. You can find full nutrition and health benefits listed below the recipe.

Cacao banana smoothie super bowl


  • 1 chopped banana
  • 1.5 tablespoons cocoa powder
  • 1 tablespoon chocolate vegan protein powder, I use Vega brand
  • 1.5 cups almond milk
  • Ice

Optional toppings

Juicy ripe kiwi fruit in wooden bowl with spoon

  • Kiwi
  • Coconut flakes
  • Blueberries
  • Chia seeds


Add all ingredients in a blender and puree until smooth. Add toppings and serve immediately.

Approximate nutrition information for one serving size (Based on brands and amounts used in this recipe)

  • Calories: 486 (without toppings: 343)
  • Fat:  11g (without toppings: 2g)
  • Carbohydrates: 66g (without toppings: 56 g)
  • Protein: 35g (without toppings: 30 g)

Some health benefits

Bananas and blueberries

  • Bananas: Support digestion, weight loss and heart health, they are also good for hangovers because of the potassium to help dehydration.
  • Blueberries: Have the highest antioxidant capacities of all fruit for disease prevention and anti-aging; they also help lower blood pressure improving heart health.
  • Coconut: Supports skin and hair health, weight loss, and helps fight infections.
  • Cacao nib: Supports digestion, weight loss and muscle and nerve functioning. They are also good for anemia and help boost your mood.
  • Chia seeds: Boosts immunity for disease prevention, helps with depression, and intestinal and heart health.
  • Protein: Builds and repairs tissues. It also makes enzymes and hormones and is vital to building bones, muscles, cartilage, skin, and blood.

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  1. Haha love this word, “splendiferous,” Samantha! I totally agree with you that “really good” does not cut it when it comes to your super bowl. It’s funny since whenever I eat with my friends/family, I’m always like “this is sooo good.” And they respond to me jokingly, “What isn’t good for you, Stephanie?” since every food I eat I say it’s sooo good. But having a word like “splendiferous” handy will be useful haha! Thanks for sharing and glad you’ve been able to concoct such a delish super bowl. xoxo, Steph

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