Latest trends from NY fashion week


Knuckle ring trend

As many may have watched New York Fashion Week two weeks ago, there were many unique trends for this year, and probably most of us will never fully grasp or understand most of them. There are a few trends that stood out during NYFW for Spring/Summer and Fall 2017 that can be worn daily.

I don’t necessarily put too much thought on what I wear on a regular basis, but I recognize that there are some people that do. For example, my sister puts together an entire outfit the night before going to work. She doesn’t stop with just the outfit; she goes on with all the details of finding the perfect matching accessories. I admire her to some degree, as I always wish to be more organized and prepared but I have tried to do the same, and it just doesn’t stick with me. The idea of picking out the outfit the night before may last a week, but after that, I am back to square one. I am sure many feel my pain.

I, instead spend less than 10 minutes in the morning and then go off on my way to work. Full disclosure, I work in a manufacturing company, which I think makes things much easier for me as I am technically not allowed to wear jewelry, heels, dresses or skirts at work (food facility plant). My work wardrobe consists of blazers (always in style) with a button-down shirt and dress pants. While my outfits don’t take much effort during the week, I wait for the weekend to follow latest fashion trends, and I do take the time whenever I go out to look as fashionable as possible. I find beauty and excitement when putting together an outfit (it was not always this way especially during my college days) so I do take my time on paying attention to every detail. So back to my original thoughts on NY Fashion week trends, I noticed that I am extremely lacking the latest trends on accessories. That may have to do with me not being able to wear jewelry at work but needless to say, I need to do some major shopping in the next few weeks.



Alexander McQueen belt

The things I fell most in love with besides #diy chokers that have been trending since last
year, were the wide waist midsection belts or corset style belts from Alexander McQueen that walked the runway during NYFW (  Not to forget to mention other fashion brands Balmain, Balenciaga, Fausto Puglisi and so on with similar waist cinchers, large buckle belts to metallic polished studs on smooth leathers and wrap waist belts that hit the runaway. While Miu Miu and Fendi kept it elegant by introducing super thin extravagant belts that can be best worn over fitted dresses (fashion items that will possibly never go out of style).


Is it me or latest trends have been all about oversized clothing (i.e. sweaters, coats) and now oversized accessories?! So, I headed online last night and did some research of the latest accessories trends that I found most practical yet fashionable and can be worn on a regular basis:



1.Belts: Whether you are going for the waist cinchers or the big-buckled embellished belts, has the latest styles at very reasonable prices. I cannot decide (although completely different styles) on this embroidered wide buckle belt from Nocona Belt Co. or Betsey Johnson figure flattering wide stretch belt. If you are more of the skinny belts kind of gal and prefer posh brands, check out for Gucci, Prada, Louis Vuitton and many more brands at a discounted price. It is one of my favorite online stores to shop for high-ends brands.




2.Rings and Earrings: Rose gold color accessories were featured during the runaway in NY Spring Fashion Week 2017 (if you recall the elegant Michael Kors rose gold watch) so I found this unique website called and fell in love with their knuckle or midi rings. It also included various earrings trends, but I preferred shopping at to find those perfect Rose Gold Feather Ear Cuffs by Amorium.  Did you also notice latest NY Fashion Week trends of mixed long earrings? That came to surprise to me but also gave me hope as I now have so many single earrings that I can combine and wear together.  Find more of the latest accessories trends on



3.Chokers: I ran across a unique and interesting website called (the name alone is interesting enough) where I found some unique chokers. While sticking with the rose gold to gold theme and buckles, there is a gold tone rhinestone buckle choker that caught my attention.

If you prefer the simple black chokers, there are various ones available on the same website. Get more ideas on how to dress and style the choker like a celebrity via InStyle magazine.

What are your favorite picks? How favorable or not favorable are these latest accessory trends to you?

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    • Thanks so much for your comment. Nasty gal was really news to me. I am so shopping now there. Really found some cute stuff I can wear on a daily basis.


    • Thank you so much. Your comment is so appreciated. Yes love chokers as well. I was wearing one over the weekend with a lace top. Just purchased two from groupon 🙂

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  2. I love the chokes but the tiny ones. Those like the belt one will make my neck disappear, I would wear if my neck were longer enough. I love belts in special the embelished ones. I’ve been wearing rose gold in accessories has been while already. Im glad they are staying for the next seasons. Xoxo

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    • Thanks so much for taking your time to comment. Yes agreed longer necks can most certainly wear thicker chokers. I do love the simple black elegant ones. Chokers really seem to make a difference in the outfit. I was wearing one over the weekend with a laced top. Looked great. Have a great day ❤️❤️

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  3. Loved the article Rudina! I am like you, I can’t seem to take the time during the week to get my outfits together the night before. I have tried..who am I fooling, unless it’s a wedding I suck at it always! But I am soooo glad to see corset belts are back. I don’t buy a lot of trendy pieces but I pick up one once in awhile. I bought one a few years ago and now I can dust it off again 🙂


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