Rock the turtleneck style!


One of the biggest fashion trends for 2016 were all about turtlenecks; turtleneck dresses, turtlenecks under dresses, turtleneck shirts, and turtleneck sweaters, you name it!  Turtlenecks under dresses even made it on the top 10 Most Wearable Winter trends on Elle Magazine.  It is not a surprise as some type of turtleneck styles made the tabloids last year from famous models, just to name a few, Gigi Hadid, Kate Moss and Giselle Bundchen to Hollywood actors such as Bradley Cooper, Daniel Craig, Lupita Nyong’o, and Jessica Alba. The beauty of turtlenecks is that they can be worn with almost anything, and what better piece of clothing to wear during a cold winter.

I think every man and woman should have a fitted turtleneck in their closet; either black or champagne color. Both colors can be matched with just about anything.

Turtleneck styling for men

asosI absolutely love the tight turtleneck look on a man with a blazer over it (yes my love for blazers is never-ending. Read more on Dress for success for a job interview). GQ magazine highlights celebrity, Common’s passion for turtlenecks as the look for the season. He wears it so many different ways. And you can most certainly get Common’s similar look at a much reasonable price at (a favorite online shopping site of mine).

ASOS’ Longline Roll Neck Sweater in Muscle fit (shown in the picture) can be styled with a gray Religion Skinny Blazer in Velvet with Contrast Lapel whether you are going on that perfect date or that important business casual meeting. If you are planning to attend a posh party someday this season, then go for the gold/somewhat yellow skinny blazer instead over dark denim fitted jeans.

Vogue magazine marks bright yellow as one of the 2017 Spring/Summer trends, so if you are into fashion, you might want to be ahead of the game.

Turtleneck styling for women

img-20170111-wa0009_cropLadies have many options when it comes to turtleneck styles, and one of my favorites is a sleeveless turtleneck cotton plain red dress as shown in the picture. (Don’t mind the cowboy hat. It was truly a dare.)  I love how red colors look on me as they enhance my features and skin tone; so, I may have more than four red dresses. Either a fitted cotton turtleneck dress in red or other colors, besides white, can be perfectly worn with knee-high fitted boots. It is boot season, so there are plenty options available especially at Neiman Marcus, or for much more reasonable prices at shoes. Wear an oversized coat or camel coat, and finish the look with drop earrings and hair up in a thoughtful (not messy) bun.  If plain dresses are not your style, I suggest a floral turtleneck dress.

According to Vogue magazine, floral print will be a hit again for Spring/Summer 2017, along with bright yellow. has a perfect polyester printed turtleneck dress under $50.00.

Another powerful option to wear on your Sunday brunches or lazy days is the jumpsuit and tight turtleneck combination. Tabloids were raving last year about all types of jumpsuits, and it will not stop this year either. In my opinion, a velour jumpsuit in dark colors such as black, blue navy, burgundy, dark purple look great on a woman and I simply love the soft feeling of velour. Wear the tight turtleneck under the jumpsuit and leave your house in style.

What are your thoughts on turtlenecks? Love or hate them?

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    • Glad you like it!! Yes I love how yellow is the trend for 2017 as in my option anyone that wears yellow, brights up the room


    • Totally agree with you Lisa. I think I have a turtleneck sweater from 5 years ago that I still wear and still looks fashionable


  1. Great tips in your post Rudina!! I’m also a huge turtleneck fan for women and men … and the colour red 🙂 I’m also relieved to know that jumpsuits are still going to be in. Nothing makes me happier to wear than jumpsuits and maxi dresses.

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