Eat like a foodie when you travel

Julaymba Restaurant, Queensland Australia

People ask me for suggestions on how I discover the best places to eat when I travel. I like looking for hidden gems in new cities, and I have some tips for you to get a delicious food experience during your next trip.

Planning ahead

Food bloggers

One of the first things I do is check online for food bloggers where I’ll be visiting to see what they recommend. Some of the things I look for on their blog:

  • Tried and true restaurants that people recognize for their consistent and delicious meals.
  • Where the hot spots are, or if there are any new restaurant openings.
  • I’ll also ask for specific recommendations in the comment section.

Instagram and Twitter

Instagram and Twitter are great places to see what’s trending and even to ask questions. Search city names and see who the top accounts are in the city and what things look appealing to you.

When you comment in Instagram or tweet, add the city name as a hashtag, such as #newyork or #london. It will help residents and other visitors find your question and also give their ideas.

One great hashtag to use for both is #FoodieChats, and another one specific to Twitter is #TTOT (Travel Talk on Twitter). I’m new to Twitter so there may be more (I know, years behind)!

Search online

Check sites like Tripadvisor, OpenTable, Zomato and Yelp (there are lots, these are just a few examples) for the best restaurants in the areas you’re visiting. The data comes from reviews from people that have visited before. Check online for local food markets, farms, and any food festivals or tours that are happening at that time. You can also see if they have any cooking classes (more on all of these in the next section).

Make a list of places you’d like to visit, but leave room to explore. You don’t want to cling to your set list and miss something impressive you can find on your own once you get there.

What to explore when you’re there

Take a cooking class

One amazing way to experience local cuisine is to take a cooking class. From learning to make pasta in Italy, to stepping out of your comfort zone and learning new recipes, you can find cooking classes in many major cities.  Book ahead of your trip to make sure there’s space.

Eat with someone who lives there

What better way to get an authentic food experience than from someone who lives in the area you’re visiting? There are a few websites that will pair travelers with residents for dinner in their home.  Sites like EatWith or BonAppetour are great sources to check and see if anything like this is available in the city you’re visiting.

Check out a food market

Campo De’ Fiori, Rome, Italy

Most places have a farmer’s market or artisan market. Check it out if it does.  Not only will you get a chance to taste amazing food, but you can talk to vendors and other customers to find out their suggestions for restaurants and hidden gems.  You may get recommendations for places that haven’t even been open long enough to have been discovered and written about online yet.

Visit a farm

Find out if there are any farms open to visitors where you’re traveling. Many places, even large cities like New York have farms or farm projects around.  Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms connect visitors with organic farmers in different locations.

Check out an organized food tour or food festival

Many major cities have food tours or food festivals going on at points during the year. It’s a good way to get a taste of food from some great places around the city while walking and learning some history. Find one that has great reviews online; not all are worth the time or money.

Go grocery shopping

Grocery shop where residents buy food.  If you’re staying in a place with a kitchen, pick up some food to cook one night for dinner.

These are some of my tips. Do you have any others?



  1. I love a good farmers market! I seek them out whenever I travel. Thanks for the tips! Following! I like your title ‘Art of being fabulous’ bravo! x

  2. Yes! Just because you’re traveling and you don’t have your familiar foods nearby. But traveling and healthy eating can happen at the same time. This is so ironic since I just posted my what I ate over winter break and despite having such a fun time with my family and friends, I managed to eat healthy. Great foodies think alike! Have a great rest of the week! xo, Stephanie

      1. Hopefully in the future (I don’t know if I’m being too unrealistic) but I dream where airplanes can serve healthy food. This might be a stretch, but I really hope this becomes true as healthy eating has become more embraced nowadays. I hate air travel because of the food! Can’t wait to read your upcoming blog posts! Xo, Stephanie

      2. That’s good to know. I haven’t been yet but it’s on my list to visit in the next year and a half. I will definitely look into Korean Air. Thanks for that info!

    1. That would be great. I can see it happening with some of the more expensive airlines first. It looks like some are trying. I bring some food with me but I like to pack light so it’s not usually a lot. So I don’t always eat airline food. Thank you and have a great day Stephanie

      1. True. As if the airplane tickets don’t cost that much already! I fly Korean Air when I go Korea and usually they serve bibimbap which isn’t too bad.

  3. Thank you Aldo for a great blog. You are definitely up to date with the resources. Gone are the days when you we bought and looked at the travel guides. Another good resource to use is watching cooking shows for food and travel like Anthony Bourdain. I learned some stuff from the shows.

    1. Thanks a lot for your comment. I’m glad you liked it. Cooking shows are a great resource too. I have to watch Anthony Bourdain, I keep hearing about his show and how informative it is. Thanks for bringing that forward!

  4. Wow great tips Aldo! Really clueless about some of them especially the one where you can dine in someone’s home! Totally going to use these tips soon. Going to Vermont next week (yes that’s the final destination since we don’t have much time) and will be skiing but also cooking at the hotel since the studio comes with a kitchen ! Perfect timing for the tips! Thank you

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