Five brilliant gift ideas for him

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Now that we have officially entered the month of “giving and receiving” for some people, the urge of getting every holiday present wrapped starts to kick in. Many of us protest Black Friday or Cyber Monday as we always seem to think that the better gift option is right around the corner. Hence, we might leave the holiday shopping to last minute as if more and more coupons will become available. Some of us are completely prepared, gift-wrapped and all, only now anxiously waiting for gift exchanges between our loved ones.

I do not shop on Black Friday or Cyber Monday as I believe I can get better deals after, especially past December 25th. I admit that I have been in line at 12 am in the past for the latest electronics but with time, I have found it to be exhausting and a complete waste of time. Hence, I prefer to finish my holiday gift-shopping after. Note here that if the gift is not for an immediate family member or loved one, I simply choose to buy the gift after Christmas. Some might find this unorthodox, but it truly can make a difference. Whether you are looking to find a present for your brother, father, lover, husband or significant other (see Five Terrific Ideas for Her), the following gift ideas are hard to resist.

1. Authentic wrist watches (favorite gift idea). I think many would agree that giving a watch to your significant other, is the most elegant and thoughtful present one can desire. Based on the statistical database from com, there are 1.2 billion wristwatches sold annually worldwide where more than two-thirds of the market share is from mechanical watches and the rest electronic. Whether or not you prefer mechanical or electronic, offers various popular brands to name a few such as Invicta, Swiss Legend, Bulova, Movado, Versace and even Rolex at reasonable prices.

2. Map your travels: Even with today’s technology, some of us are still traditional and prefer the old ways. That is when the internet didn’t exist when we were using actual maps to get from point A to B. The online world or the World Wide Web as we know it was only invented in 1990 by Tim Berners-Lee. Some things simply remain sentimental and what better way than to give a personalized map to that special person that loves to travel. offers truly interesting and unique items, and one of many is the framed mahogany-stained wood frame travel map (World or US map) printed on an archival paper where the traveler can track his adventures with pins and flags.

3. For the handyman: Wouldn’t it be ideal if you had a handyman that could fix any household projects with a “switch of a button,” without having to spend mounds of money on plumbers or other contractors? Some are excellent at it while some haven’t ever held a screwdriver in their hand. The Pro-Tool Crate kit by is just the perfect solution for quick fix tools that come in handy for any small household projects

4. Monthly clubs for the beer lovers: If you are a beer lover (check out the previous blog for wine lovers, Five terrific gift ideas for her), there are many beer clubs available that will deliver crafted beers to your home. offers 12 crafted beers per month of four different varieties from Ambers to Stouts and more. Check out your local area for other monthly beer clubs.

5. Beats for the athletes: There are many wireless headphone options currently surfacing the internet, but if that special person is trendy and popular, the Flash Blue Active Collections Beats Solo2 is my preferred gift (there are a total of 11 different colors available). Hands-free with built-in mic and 12-hour rechargeable battery, these Beats totally make a fashionable statement and can be found on various websites, with having the most competitive prices.

What is your favorite gift for that special person?

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    Finding gifts for men is WAY hard! While the gifts this blogger suggests are expensive, they do offer some great ideas!

    I’ll be posting some more affordable options next week!! Stay tuned!!!

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    • But anyways I will be writing this: thank you so much for reblogging ! I appreciate the support however there is a range of different prices quoted in the post

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